Thursday, November 20, 2008

Where did November go?

I have no idea where this month went! We got report cards last Friday...We had seen progress reports so no surprises there. Caleb made honor roll for having an A/B report card so he will be mentioned at the ceremony tomorrow!! We're excited to see him get his award. Andrew is still struggling even more so since now he has 7 teachers. He is in an inclusion class and it isn't helping him at all. I have a meeting Dec 1st to get some things taken care of. I think it is just too much for someone like Andrew to deal with 3 teacher's amongst his other teachers for art, gym, and music not to mention his speech teacher. Well they didn't want to help until after the 9 weeks and until he was failing well guess what both has passed. He is failing the two classes that he switches to when it should be 1 teacher and he has admitted he is scared of both of them and it is showing. So I have some things to discuss with his home room teacher. I have been helping him as much as I can and his tests are coming up to A's and B's so hopefully we're pulling his grades up.

Tomorrow "twilight" comes out. I really want to see this but it might have to wait until Sunday *sigh*. I was going to go in the afternoon but then I was informed that Caleb's ceremony was going on and Mark's flight leaves at 7:55 pm so Im not sure how much time I have inbetween lol. He has to be at the airport probably around 6:30 ish. He is going to AR to visit his friend Lewis and Saturday they are going to the Metallica concert and then Sunday he is flying home early in the morning lol.

Can't believe that next Thursday is Thanksgiving already. Ever since moving here it feels like I blink and time just lapses so quickly. I've got SOME Christmas shopping done but not all. Not getting too much since we have to haul it to Dermott, AR. Hopefully things go as planned.

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