Sunday, September 28, 2008

So it begins

So I was cleaning up the fridge cause the children stick all their art work on there and it was getting out of control and a pink post it note falls to the ground. So naturally I pick it up and it was a phone number? I was thinking I don't remember requesting a phone number and I look at it more closely and it is a GIRLS phone number written to CALEB!!! It is this little girl named Destiny lol. So I asked Caleb about it when he got home and he was like "UGH MOM!! She keeps following me around, she always sits next to me and stares at me with a smile, and she keeps slipping notes into my back pack", of course he says it with distain lol. I was slightly amuzed, Mark of course said " and this is only the beginning". I was a bit in shock too being Caleb is ONLY in the 1st grade. Man Im not ready for girls to be slipping their phone number to my babies!!! I'm going to have to check her out LMFAO.

Busy, Busy, Busy Bee

Well let's see...As school progresses, fall came all to quickly, finding ourselves to be some busy busy bee's lol. My gosh October snuck up on us QUICKLY this year, even more so than it has in the previous years. I guess it feels like it especially being here since it is still quite warm here finally with a nice cool breeze ranging anywhere from the 75's -87's. Definately not the fall we're used to. No leaves are changing, feels like a nice summer day in Sunny Cali lol. So no wonder fall crept up on us so quickly.
The boys got their 1st 9 week progress report. I think Andrew is struggling with the whole switching teachers deal especially for being in the 3rd grade and his trust issues, hopefully with more tudoring on our part his grades in those classes will pull up *sigh*. I need to talk to his teacher bout getting him on track with his services at the school. Caleb had awesome grades so no worries there. His reading level is good, better than most the class (thankfully). His teacher is a ding bat though. That is a whole other rant lol. Elora is doing great in Pre-k. Ms Sue always stops me and tells me how wonderful Elora is and how good she is. Makes us feel good that's for sure.
After school activities are picking up. Elora is now in dance 2 times a week. She goes Tuesdays and Thursdays and LOVES it!! As her recent qoute goes "I love me some Ms Hollie" with attitude and all LOL. Hollie is great with the kids and I'm so glad Elora is loving it! We did a KNO (kids night out) this past Friday and at first the boys were like "NO" but they had a GREAT time and are begging to go back! So in Oct we're doing it again *YAY*
The boys are in Cub Scouts. They had their first meeting last Wednesday and loved it. Our scout Master is cool and works well with the parents and children. We had our first scout outting yesterday (Saturday) and went to Fort Caroline and picked up trash along what is left of their beach, then went hiking through their many trails and picked up trash if we saw any, then the rangers came out and talked to the boys (kids) and showed them artifacts from the 1500's and what the french and indians use... It was an interesting trip, the boys loved it and had a great time, and Mark and I got some excercise (a mile and a half hike plus whatever distance on the beach) lol. It was a good family day for sure.
Today (sunday) I have to get my consignment pieces ready for drop off, which I have been lagging on seriously. But I need to get my butt in gear! Today I'm going to get my tags printed and it will get done today! Hoping to drop off tomorrow.
Between the classes, meetings, keeping up with the house I'm and beginning to get worn OUT! The 29th we plan to eat at Chili's since their doing a donation for children with illnesses, your entire check goes to the hospital and we love us some chili's!!
Our school's book fair begins tomorrow and I'm all about the books. The consign sale is this coming week and not sure which cubscout events are going on for this weekend lol. And to think I wanted to add sports into the mix hahaha. We missed fall sign ups so we'll see in the spring if we can get used to this schedule or if it will beat us lol.

My first Blog

It's already the 28th of September! Where are the leaves changing? The cool crisp air? Oh that is right we're now in Florida!! Although I do miss the smells, colors, and feel of Fall I am looking forward to not feeling the cold chill of a VA winter, that wet cold that gets into your bones but has no snow to show for it. Yup many of you know the kind of winter I am talking about. I am looking forward to camping in November with out freezing my butt off all day long, wearing shorts and short sleeve for Halloween, and just a hoodie for Thanksgiving and Christmas! We moved here in July and made this our home until the Navy tells us otherwise. Things are going well. Kids are doing good in school, all three have activities all week long, and we feel more relaxed being here and exploring a bit. We've already done our first monthly trip to Orlando and visited Sea World and Aquatica. October is our month to visit Busch Gardens Africa and Adventure Island water park! We've been to St. Augustine and the beautiful light house and plan to go back to look around some more. Here are some pics from those recent trips!

The children at Sea World Orlando

St. Augustine Light house

Castillo De San Marcos