Sunday, August 29, 2010

First school week down...many more to go

Well what can I say. School has already blasted off full speed. Andrew so far is doing fantastic. He is currently on ADD meds, the lowest dosage possible of 5 mg. He has been so proud of himself telling us he has been writting, and doing quite a bit of it. He has been raising his hands to ask questions about math problems and does his homework with out issue so far. We are very proud of the way he has carried himself and made himself want to be responsible. Elora is proud of herself as are we for being in the first grade and not wanting to stay home like so many of her classmates complain about in her class. Caleb was nervous at first, but who isn't on the first day of school? He is a bit better and even has a new friend who comes over just about every day to see if Caleb can play outside lol. Its been an interesting first week of school. Wish I could say I enjoyed it but I didn't not with consignment going on. I am sure once consignment is over I can get things back into a routine and done with. I am just so glad our first week of school went well for the kids and they are enjoying being back!

Sunday Morning

Good Morning!

I can't believe I am awake, but that is thanks to my husband who couldn't decide if he was coming or going. I've realized I haven't blogged in a long time. Just been so busy and got so caught up with our weight loss and then we had decided we were going to still go on somewhat of a vacation. Just foregoing Cali since we don't know our transfer status we decided to save the money and we went to Arkansas to see the grandparents instead. This trip was a much more pleasant experiance to say the least. Of course there was a couple little "hiccups" along the way but it wasn't anything to do with us and our immediate family, more like the in-laws or "out" laws as some people like to call them...I handled things a bit more graciously this time then I would of in the past, guess that means I am growing up some hu? Yeah don't laugh too hard, doubt it. Just have learned when to bite my tongue and when to let it go, this time it benefited me more than I could of thought or imagined.

Weight loss update:
I started February 26th 2010 and I was a whopping 203.6 lbs and climbing. I know my waist was over 46 inches. The weight has steadily but not always so easily dropped and I am currently now 150 lbs and dropping!!! I am feeling fabulous! I haven't exercised in a while being on vacation (I know its not an excuse) and I had gotten sick prior. I have lost a total of 53.6 pounds and still hoping to reach my ultimate goal of 140 by Christmas! I am so excited every time I try on a pair of clothes and it is a size 10 or an 8! It was great taking pictures on our 11 yr anniversary trip and not feeling like a fat blob and being able to walk and walk and walk and not feel so winded or tired, and man did we walk alot (I had three huge blisters to prove it).
Enough weight talk. I am sure I have annoyed people plenty with facebook statuses out the wahoo while dropping so many pounds and inches.

Summer vacation came to an end all too quickly in our opinions. Mark and I enjoyed having the kids home so much though it was great. Am I glad they are back in school, yes I would be lying if I said I wasn't, do I miss them most definitely. Our vacation was two week in AR but thankfully not all two weeks were spent in Dermott. No offense to my husband and his dear grandparents but there isn't much to do in Dermott let alone in heat that was 110 and heat index of 120 (yuck with a CAPITOL Y) lol. We got to go visit some friends in Hot Springs which was nice. It was nice for the kids to spread out some and run around and just to visit with friends and hang out in a not so tiny house. We thankfully got home safely and in one piece, barely had any time to unpack anything and went to Tampa 3 days later. We visited our coastie friends which made us desire living on an airforce base lol VERY Nice =)
Our friends were gracious enough to watch our three little monkies while we conquered Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure solo with out the kiddos. We got a very nice upscale hotel onsite to take advantage of their fast pass and it was GREAT. Being it was peak season those fast passes were a life saver, we never waited longer than 10 min on a ride and even the new Harry Potter ride that is in Hogwarts wasn't that long or at least didn't seem like it cause there were so many things to look out and take in. It was fantastic and now I dont think we can stay anywhere else BUT a universal hotel for just that reason! Hoping to have pictures uploaded to a website so that I can resize and upload onto the blog. Summer came to an end but it was a great one for sure.
Until next blog...