Sunday, June 7, 2009

Cub Scouts Pack 631

Andrew & Caleb were so excited to join Cub Scouts in the beginning of the year and stuck through it all amazingly. They loved meeting up every week, learning new things, getting to know new people and exploring their surroundings. On June 4th we had our Cub Scout Awards ceremony and the boys were just too cute. They got to listen to a guest speaker from the Jacksonville's Sheriff Office. He talked to the boys about safty and taking certain precautions. He also presented the boys with their awards.

Andrew earned 11 beads and his art belt loop. He isn't quite a Weblo yet but he will be before school starts.

The boys listening to the Sheriff talk

Andrew receiving his art belt loop

Caleb receiving his awards and his tigar badge
He is officially a Wolf now

Pack 631

School's Out For Summer!!

Can't believe it is already time for summer to begin! The kids are loving the idea of not having to go back to school what so ever! Elora was the first to get out of school on May 29th. She still says she will miss her teacher but is enjoying her sleeping in every morning. The boys last day of school was June 5th and Caleb especially was so very excited that he doesn't have to get up for a while lol. Since it's been so hot lately Mark and I bought the kids a plastic blow up swimming pool for the days that the beach just isn't happening. The kids really enjoy it...
Elora saying she is "diving" LoL

Having a sweet sibling moment :)

Three Little Monkey's sitting in a pool

It is official summer has begun here!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Oh Boy

So I am sitting here undeniably sick, feeling better than yesterday though which is a good thing but need to clean, clean, & clean and then on top of it I have the annoyance of a 5 yr old right now that is hyper today. Usually she is good but I don't know what crawled up her boohiney but man she is up my rear like white on rice today. It doesn't help that I am trying to clean and she is just leaving a huge mess right behind me.

I did manage to get the boys room looking nice, all the sheets are cleaned, mattresses are flipped, clothes are put away. Elora's room is the same and now I have to tackle the front of the house, as well as some time get to clean the kids bathroom, wash the dog, clean my room and my bathroom (oh lord help me that bathroom is AWFUL). Next week my Mom will be here not to mention the kids don't know and Mark will be having his lasik done. Hopefully the week will go smoothly and I wont have to hurt either of the cripples.