Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Time to get to work...

That's right you read it right WORK...
Talk about being completely excited...Month's ago a friend mentioned a company called "West @ Home". Of course I was skeptical at first and looked it up online and she even said one of her friends worked for them for years. So I applied, couldn't hurt right? I would work from the privacy of my OWN office, on my computer, and using the phone. I would be contracted out to fortune 400 companies and do customer service basically. I get to select my OWN hours, not to mention I dont have to get out of my pajama's if I don't want to and when Elora starts Kindergarten it will be the PERFECT job for me.
I got the acceptance email Christmas morning and can't wait to get started. Back to some much desired extra cash and help build some in savings. Couldn't be happier about it!

Survival of the fitest...

As you can see we made it there and back in ONE piece. The drive to AR was a long and grueling 13 hr drive which let me tell you, you couldn't PAY me enough to live in about BACK woods can hear the song from deliverance in the background.
Our visit went fine.
The great grandparents ::LOVED:: seeing everyone and we are glad it made their time. We were there from December 20th until December 29th. The drive home was much better and a bit shorter since we didn't go through the long haul of Alabama...
We survived the cold temp that only occured ONE night which honestly was quite laughable. It got to 17 and then most of the time was in the mid 60's to low 70's talk about disappointment in the weather.
The kids were nice and happy. Santa brought them lots of toys and fun goodies to play with and keep them occupied while we were there. We also got to visit with a couple of Mark's high school buddies that we still keep in touch with which was really great and we thank them profusely for their hospitality.
I have TONS of pictures to go through and actually filled up my memory card and didn't bring the 4 G with me lol. I am currently going through 256 pictures and rotating and all that and will post some of Christmas day ect.
Hope everyone had a blessed Christmas and have a happy and safe New Year!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

December is in the air

It is definately getting closer to Christmas and almost in a state of panic! Still haven't finished Christmas shopping, thank goodness my cards were made back in Oct or I would of said forget it and sent regular cards haha. Two more weeks and we're off to Arkansas (eek) to spend a week with Mark's Grandparents, the children's GREAT grandparents. This should be interesting to say the least. The last time we saw Papa was summer 2005 so it's been a while. We wanted to make sure we saw him in good spirits while there was still time left. This next week should breeze on by I know this past week sure did.
Did great on some Ebay listings, much better than I had originally anticipated. That will be a nice cushion for us on our trip and we are planning to go to Tampa when we get home. I am so excited about Tampa. We've never been there before and it will be our first time going to the Busch Gardens Africa there. We will take a few days and do Tampa for a day, drive into Orlando (think it is an hour away or less) check into our hotel, then go to Sea World and come home. Island Adventure which is the water park in Tampa isn't open right now which blows my mind being in Decemnber its 90's out there! Crazyness!
Next friday the kids have their "holiday dance" too cute. Both boys want to go so they are doing that. On the 9th Elora's class will be singing for the base during one of the holiday festivals. Thursday they took pictures with "Santa" at Elora's Ballet studio and those pictures will be in on the 16th.
The kids get out of school for winter break starting the 19th of December and we are leaving the 20th.
A bit of an update on school reports...Caleb made honor roll which we are extremely proud of him. He had 2 B+'s and an A and got awards for good citizenship and grades. Well we just got another progress report this past week for his 2nd 9 weeks and he has pulled one of his B+'s into an A!! He is on his way to making the straight A honor roll which we couldn't be any prouder of him! He is doing awesome! He is one of the best readers in her class and thriving on his learning enviroment. Andrew's first report card didn't do too well but he has brought his grades up and with help from Mom and Dad, his teacher and trying to get him more services on his IEP we are working on improving his grades and getting him the attention he needs.