Wednesday, January 28, 2009

some of the things I've done in 30 yrs

1.swam in the pacific and atlantic ocean
2.gone to Korea twice
3.learned to speak Korean on my own
4. lived on my own
5.endured abusive relationship
6.endured abusive step father
7.married someone I was and still am in love with
8.had a medicated birth
9. had a non medicated birth
10. had a c-section
11. loved someone so much it hurt
12. feared for my life
13.gone across country literally from one side to the next
14. been to at least 21 different states
15.played tennis
16. played soccer
17.been surfing
18.been to 2 of the 3 open sea worlds
19. Been to Disneyland, California adventure, & Disney World
20.Lived in California
21.Lived in Virginia
22.Living in Florida
23.Been Married 10 yrs this august to the SAME man.
24.Loved at first sight (anyone who hasn't loved at first sight hasn't given birth to a child or had a child)
25.Been stung by a bee
26.been bitten by a bumble bee (man that hurt)
27.almost died TWICE
28.lived in the hospital for more than 2 weeks
29.had the flu while pregnant
30.taught myself to scrapbook
31.been to Mount Rushmore
32.Been to Macinaw Island
33.been camping
34.slept under the stars
35.slept at the beach
36.traveled to AR in less than 24 hrs
37. been on several plane trips
38.raised kittens
39.raised birds in a rocking chair over looking the back yard
41.raced my kids up a hill
42.played in snow
43. picked korean furns
44.learned to cook Korean food
45.learned to cross stitch
46.sung Karaoke
47.been to Mexico
48.seen sting rays in their natural enviroment
49.swam with dolphins to whales :)
51.hugged a killer whale
52.been deep sea fishing
53.Been to a temple
54.seen a budda statue in korea
55.taught myself to ride a bike
56.fell in a rice patty
57.caught a frog
58.rode in an ambulance
59.been on a fire truck
60.gotten out of a ticket
61.known movie stars
62.played in the rain
63.found shark bones in my back yard
64.swam in a pool during winter
65.lost a loved one
66.donated blood
67.saved childhood toys
68.bought a new car
69.fixed my own tire
70.been in the newspaper
71.seen a ship make port
72.seen jelly fish up close
74.won a lawsuit
75.given cpr
76.called 911
77.broken up a fight
78.visited someone in the brig
79.lost friends
80.gained friends
81.been fired from 1 job
82.thrown a surprise birthday party a surprise birthday party
84.owned cats
85.owned fish
86.painted pottery
87. Jumped in a bounce house
88.sat at a bon fire
89. been part of a block party
90. been camping at great lakes
91.toured Williamsburg
92.been to a real country pumpkin patch
93. been in a fight
94.been kissed by surprise
95.Been sung to
96.been in a light house
97.toured a haunted light house
98.been to St.Augustine
99.seen the mississippi river
100.caught a fly ball at a ball park

Monday, January 26, 2009

Lazy days wanted

Today started off like any other day, got the kids up, ready for school, dropped off, did some things around the house, picked up the Princess from school, waited to see if Daddy would come home for lunch. He didn't so we decided to go to the beach and have a snack and just hang out. The day was beautiful. A nice and warm 66 degrees. It felt more like 70 and with a breeze. Elora and I walked the entire length of the beach, tide was out and the sand was smooth and the shells were beautiful. We even found a whole silver dollar in the sand which I was very excited about. It made me long for summer and the lazy days ahead. I'm so excited we are somewhere close to the beach, and I can be that Mom who took their kids to the beach daily, prop up a chair and read while the kids played in the sand and water. I remember I think it was either my freshman or sophmore year my Mom was obessed with going to the beach, we were there EVERYDAY from sunrise to sun down, We would look for shells, surf, boogie board, dig for clams, and just lay around. Those are the types of memories I want to recreate with my children. Not to mention make new ones of our own.

I do long for those Summer Days!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Is it Friday yet??

EEk, where does this damn cold weather come from. We're in Florida come on! It is supposed to be warm and nice all year long not this frost crap. We are yet again under another hard freeze warning which means I will wake up to more ice on my lawn...can you hear the scrubbing bubbles say EWWWWWWWWWWW lol.

Tomorrow I think I am taking Andrew out on the town. I am going to take him to go shopping for his friends birthday party this weekend and then we'll go see Mall cop since it is the movie he picked...He doesn't know it yet though :) I filed taxes today so that is done and out of the way. Im glad the military posted earlier than they saidt hey would. It wasn't supposed to be out till tomorrow but they posted earlier and we should be getting it deposited on the 30th of this month :) *YAY* Go me. Scouts got cancelled today so Andrew was highly upset about that.

Mark and I are going to re-arrange some things since Andrew really wants to get on the youth center bus after school. It's this bus that goes to school and picks the kids up straight after school and they do activies until 5:30...So the boys might do that starting next month! It will also help when I officially start working from the house especially this fall when Elora is 5 and can go too. That way I can end my work day at 5:15 or so and not work on the weekends at all. Should be quite interesting.

We are switching Elora's ballet/tap class to the one on base. I feel a bit guilty cause I really do love miss hollie but it's just a wiser choice for us since its not even 2 min down the street from us at the youth center and 15 bucks cheaper and I would be saving on gas as well.

Caleb is looking forward to signing up for tball again this spring so that will be done soon. Andrew really isn't all that interested this time around so we're not going to worry bout it. Unfortunately soccer sign ups are for ages 9+ which really bites this year.

Can't believe February is just around the corner. I am hoping in Feb we make it to Busch Gardens Africa on our passes and we'll do one day at busch and one day at sea world and come home :) Chao for now!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

flylady to the rescue

So I've been meaning to register with since we moved to Florida...well I finally got back on there and registered and I am so excited. No matter what I always feel like the house is never clean enough, so here is a system I can work with especially since my issue is CLUTTER. This was the perfect week to join since this week's mission is the dreaded Master bedroom which is the only room I avoid cleaning usually hahaha. I also have the strongest urge to wash all the towels and re-organize the linens and get rid of a bunch of ratty towels and un-used blankets. Hopefully this week the master bedroom will have survived flylady and myself and become the dream haven we need it to be. Now lets hope I don't kill Mark for cluttering my space after I have flyladied it lol.

what's your excuse?

Yeah okay so sometime I'm moody, who isn't? This week has had it's up's and down's what else is new. So Caleb and Elora have these friends who are also sibblings and the boy is in Caleb's class and the girl is in Elora's Pre-k class...they used to live near us and now they don't but they visit the annoying neighbors across the street. No biggy right? Well W-R-O-N-G!!! I don't mind she comes by once maybe even twice during the week and asks if her kids can play with mine. No big deal. This past week I bit my tongue and I don't think that will EVER happen again. She asked once this week, the 2nd time she just knocked on my door and left the kids standing there, the 3rd time she didn't even come over with them and the kids just WALKED right into my house with out knocking (my door was unlocked cause my kids were playing out back), the 4th time yes I just wrote the 4th time did the same thing and then complained they were hungry and thirsty and tried to eat everything in site, then the 5th time oh yes it gets better this time (add the sarcastic tone) not only did their Mom not ask, they walked in and when I said they were OUTSIDE they still tried to come in and take toys OUT...then when I said NO they went outside, they were at my house for 5 hours count them 1-2-3-4-5 HOURS, then she picks them up takes them to a birthday party and then after the party is done SHE BRINGS THEM BACK TO MY HOUSE!!!! What do I look like a free babysitter to you? HELLO, not only do these children do not have manners, she sends them to my house hungry and often dirty, and she gets to be kid free for hours at a time shooting the shit with her friends smoking while PREGNANT!!!!! Can you tell Im soooooooooooooooooooo not happy bout this. Now thank goodness she didn't come over today or I was going to EXPLODE. If she was a friend I wouldn't mind so much but I am NOT her friend, I don't really even like her, and I feel very abused by her taking advantage of me. Well no more. I can gaurentee you tomorrow she will try and drop her kids off at my house and I am going to put my foot down so hard she will probably cry....

Saturday, January 10, 2009

January is just wizzing on by...

January is certainly here and quickly bout to leave. Almost 1/2 way through January. The winter break was nice and was especially nice being home for a couple days in our own LARGE space. The kids were thrilled to be home, in their own rooms, playing with their friends and relaxing before school starts. The 2nd quarter is almost over and I can't wait to see if Caleb has made the A honor roll. The ceremony is on the 23rd of this month. Report cards should be coming out soon again. It's the usual routine here, every Tuesday we have Dance class for Elora, every other wednesday is early release day for the boys and every Thursday is Cub scouts. The boys are enjoying cub scouts more and more and think we will continue next school year as well. A four day weekend is coming up which the kids and I are looking forward to and our once a month date night for the kids is coming up too. Next weekend I am taking Andrew to go see "mall Cop", Caleb and Elora haven't decided what they want to do yet.

What no cookies?

Not even sure where to start...I got on the scale one morning and went oh "HELL NO". So, I got off my fanny and started walking around the housing and base. I take Ellie with me and she is tired and doesn't want to get up after were done lol. I started walking a week and a half before going on Christmas break. I walked a total of two weeks and got off track with the walking but will start back up tonight. I've been off for a week now. But I have managed to loose 13 pounds from watching what I ate, no sweets, and walking so it is working for me. I am so excited bout dropping this weight.

This is the year for me damn it!

No more excuses, no more putting it off, no more fat hanging out of my jeans (ewww I know). It is coming off and staying off. No it isn't a New Year resolution it is just a fact of life now. I've been this weight for too long and I'm not happy bout it. Now to post my weight on here is a BIG deal for me, no woman wants to own up to her weight, so this will hold me accountable. December I weighed my heaviest at 206.9 pounds yes the .9 drive me insane as well. I weighed in January 8th @ 193.0 I am going to try not to weigh in for 2 weeks at a time. Hoping to loose any where from 1-2 pounds a week so my next goal is for January 22nd to be 191-189...I haven't been in the 80's in a few years *yikes* I'm looking forward to loosing this weight, shopping for some new clothes and just being a healthier me, not only for myself but for my kids too.
My goal is to be in the 170's for my birthday. By the end of the summer I am looking forward to being close to my goal weight. My first goal is to get to 150 and to go from there.
So here is a picture of me at 193.0
Front view lol

Side view

Friday, January 2, 2009

It's Now 2009

Well it's a new year and hopefully a new start.
The time to reflect had come and gone right before the clock struck midnight and thrusting us freshly into a new year with new hopes, aspirations and dreams of things to come.
For the new year I wish all my friends and family the best of luck in whatever life brings them.
I have many things I hope for of course like everyone else but the things I wish to do most in 2009 is to see my Mom and visit friends in San Diego this summer, take my kids to Lego Land and see the expression on their faces when faced with something new and exciting, be more patient as a Mother and Wife, be a better friend, write more hand written letter's, remember every one's birthday to send a card to, let go of anger or resentment and move forward, take constructive criticism as just that and not a put down, be more open about myself and try to let people in. I'm sure there is more but those are just something of the things I hope to strive for in 2009.
Who know's what the year will bring for us. Hoping nothing but wonderful things for everyone.