Thursday, January 22, 2009

Is it Friday yet??

EEk, where does this damn cold weather come from. We're in Florida come on! It is supposed to be warm and nice all year long not this frost crap. We are yet again under another hard freeze warning which means I will wake up to more ice on my lawn...can you hear the scrubbing bubbles say EWWWWWWWWWWW lol.

Tomorrow I think I am taking Andrew out on the town. I am going to take him to go shopping for his friends birthday party this weekend and then we'll go see Mall cop since it is the movie he picked...He doesn't know it yet though :) I filed taxes today so that is done and out of the way. Im glad the military posted earlier than they saidt hey would. It wasn't supposed to be out till tomorrow but they posted earlier and we should be getting it deposited on the 30th of this month :) *YAY* Go me. Scouts got cancelled today so Andrew was highly upset about that.

Mark and I are going to re-arrange some things since Andrew really wants to get on the youth center bus after school. It's this bus that goes to school and picks the kids up straight after school and they do activies until 5:30...So the boys might do that starting next month! It will also help when I officially start working from the house especially this fall when Elora is 5 and can go too. That way I can end my work day at 5:15 or so and not work on the weekends at all. Should be quite interesting.

We are switching Elora's ballet/tap class to the one on base. I feel a bit guilty cause I really do love miss hollie but it's just a wiser choice for us since its not even 2 min down the street from us at the youth center and 15 bucks cheaper and I would be saving on gas as well.

Caleb is looking forward to signing up for tball again this spring so that will be done soon. Andrew really isn't all that interested this time around so we're not going to worry bout it. Unfortunately soccer sign ups are for ages 9+ which really bites this year.

Can't believe February is just around the corner. I am hoping in Feb we make it to Busch Gardens Africa on our passes and we'll do one day at busch and one day at sea world and come home :) Chao for now!

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