Monday, April 5, 2010

Okay some weight updating

Okay Okay I know lately I have been using our family blog to talk about my weight but I promise next post will be bout the family and some pics too. Well after a very interesting weekend of eating out starting Thursday when we had yoga berry & five guys burgers and fries for dinner. Mark and I kept it pretty simple and smaller portions and we both worked out, Friday we ate at Olive Garden for dinner which I mostly ate salad and bread sticks and Andrew and I split fettuccine alfredo BUT Elora ate most of mine haha. Saturday Mark wanted to go out for his Birthday dinner and we ended up at Texas Road house. I had steak and salad and a baked potato which tasted funny to me so I didn't eat it lol. My stomach is really getting used to eating smaller portions so I only eat half of my meals most the time. Mother nature showed up Friday of course so that put a damper on my day but thankfully has left to visit someone else for a while. Sunday we grilled chicken, ate salad, and mac n cheese with Carrie and Jeremy plus the kiddo's. So it was a good time not to mention I made Mark a cute birthday cake! So I will post what I weighed on Satuday during my weigh in....At week 5 I weighed 185.2 but this morning I weighed in (drum roll please) 184.6 so I am stoked to say the least! See you can eat what you want and still loose weight!!!!



Saturday, April 3, 2010

Eek I know I know

yes yes I know I know I haven't been blogging at all lately. Just been so dang busy. Between the three kids, their school activities, friends, husband, after school activities, at HOME activities including up keep of our home and keeping up with exercising the blog has been left behind =( I'm sorry!

On a better note I did have my doctors appointment and I did great. I was 15+ pounds less than my first visit and she was extremely proud. She told me to intake more fiber for my bathroom issues lol. Yes I know I tell too much to complete strangers who happen to stumble onto my blog but guess what that is alright. We are all human and we all have human problems and issues lol. So with that being said, I had lost 7 inches in my stomach and hips. My goal for April is to drop 10 lbs according to the doctor! At first I was like HOLY cow! That is a lot. To go from loosing a single digit number to a double digit is a big deal. I felt like the first 15 pounds were easy due to a good portion being water weight and now I don't have that at all to fall onto. But with eating the way I have and exercising 5 days a week I have managed to loose the first 3.4 lbs of that 10 lb goal. I am 8.1lbs away from my very own half way goal!! Not to mention I am 6.6 pounds away from the doctors goal. Which is lessening my "worry" about reaching 10lbs which hopefully I will do the same amount as last month if not a little more (crossing fingers). I am hoping to be in the low 170's by Caleb's birthday. Guess what??!!?! That leaves me with 20 some pounds to loose before reaching my first big goal!!!! From there I can loose up to another 5 pounds and keep hitting 5 pound goals from there until I am 140-135, I would love to be that again BUT the last time I was 150-155 I felt great, I was healthy, looked great and wore a size 9! My body has definitely changed since I was a teen and first married to Mark. I was 125 and a size 5 I don't think I desire to be that small again fitting into size 8,9, and yes even 10 will be fine with me as long as I am healthy and happy and can maintain that weight. So yes my first real goal was to hit 150 and then take it from there. The last time I was 150 I was 22 and here I am 31 hoping to be a size I worked hard to get to after I had Andrew. So 150 just may be skinny to me =) I just love that my size 16's and 15's are too big and I don't think I have anything sized 14 but I refuse to buy pants and shorts until I can at least drop these next 8 pounds and maybe even be a 12/14 some where in there. But even so I would like to wait and do a clothing over haul once I hit 150 and that should be around the time I am almost ready to go home on vacation!! Wouldn't that be awesome to see everyone's face when I went home! Mark loves that I am so motivated and is showering me with attention and teasing I am not going to be allowed out of the house soon! Things are really good between us finally. I am enjoying every process and trying not to get discourage when things get slightly rough. It took 10 yrs to put on this weight and I am not expecting a miracle and have a lot of hard work to put in, in order to work it off in 4-6 months. I do have high expectations of myself though so I plan on proving I can do it!
Much love and respect to all!