Sunday, August 23, 2009

August 24th

August 24th 2009 will be a day Mark and I will remember hopefully for the rest of our lives. It's the date that all three of our babies will be in Elementary school together. Yup Elora is going to Kindergarten this year, Caleb will be in 2nd grade and Andrew will be in 3rd grade. I can't believe how fast this summer has gone. Not to mention how big all my babies are!

We went to Orientation a bit late but better late than never. Elora got to meet her teacher Mrs.Donlyn and she was very excited. Mrs.Donlyn seems to be a very lovey teacher and seems to be a very kind nature sweet woman. Elora is excited to get to know her new classmates. I don't think she has any of her friends in these classes which was a bummer but Im sure she will quickly get over it.

We went to meet Caleb's teacher who happens to be new to the school this year and as opinion stands she will have to "prove" herself to me. She failed to mention the 2nd graders were rotating like the 3rd graders. So that means Caleb like Andrew will have 7 teachers. His home room teacher is Mrs.Shephard. She seems nice enough but a bit flakey and me asking questions was how she told her class parents bout certain things *sigh*

Andrew of course has Mrs.Vanhoose again but his other two teachers are different. They are all women which might make him a bit more relaxed since he did have a male teacher for the first time last year and it took a long long long time for him to get used to that particular teacher. Hopefully this extra year of 3rd will do him some good.

A decade well spent

Well you read right. A full decade has gone by in our marriage. It's amazing on how different it sounds when you use the word decade rather than 10 yrs. Yes 10 years sounds like a long time too but not as long as a decade haha.

Our anniversary was on August 21st. Nothing special went on that particular day due to many other reasons but we will be celebrating next weekend in Orlando hopefully at one of the Disney World water park resorts! We are going to for the day with out the kids. Our good friends Carrie & Jeremy are watching our three monkey's and we will be having some much needed fun alone together.

Hopefully I can get a picture down sizer on this net book to be able to post some pics of the kids recently.

Here's to another decade being Mrs. Mark Prescott =)

Main computer down

Well, we were using the dinosaur monitor and sure enough it short circuited on us and died. So sad! Now unfortunately we have to wait to get a nicer monitor and all my projects that I was trying to complete are on hold. So pap's scrapbook will end up being a Christmas present rather than a birthday present =( Thank goodness for the net book or else we'd had nothing!

Monday, August 17, 2009

keep on loosing

I am very excited and on my final straw. I want to get rid of this weight so bad. I am finally past my plateau and in the last 6 weeks I have been watching my portions, adding in excercise, and trying to just keep my body moving!

I started out a whooping 205, that is the largest I have ever been in my entire life. It was not only shocking, disgusting, and shameful to me but the children have started mentioned how "fluffy" I was. I am done being "fluffy". Even when I don't want to I get my ass in my walking clothes and head on out the door coming home all sweaty and disgusting! I watch my porions, force myself to eat breakfast, and when I clean I turn on the music and shake my tank to the music lol.

I am proud to report I am down 16 pounds and working hard to not only keep it off but to keep chipping away so that I can make my first goal!! My first goal is 160. Once I get to 160 I will work my way down another 20 pounds to my final goal of 140. I made myself a ticker so I keep motivated.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Summer Reading

Been doing some reading since Summer has begun. I still have quite a few I would like to start on. Some of the books I have read are :

  1. all of the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris (9)
  2. Mercy thompson series by patricia briggs (4)
  3. alpha & omega series also by Patricia briggs (2 books)
4.P.C.Cast House of night series (3)

I have waiting for me is:

1. The constant Princess
2. The Other Boleyn Girl
3. The Boleyn inheritance
4. The queens fool
5.The virgins Lover
6. The vampire Diaries books 1-4
7.Hunted (house of night)

Books I wish to read later:
Jane Austins Pride & Prejudice

Let the cleaning commence

So today started off poorly waking up with a nasty migrain that had carried over from the night before. Fortunately I had some meds left and the headache dissapated. So I finally got up, got Elora dressed and hair done, the boys got dressed and begged to play video games, so while they were doing that I finally tackled the task at hand, which was our very messy office space and craft room. Let me tell you it was a long time and coming. It was 5 grocery bags full of trash and very gritty. Swept it all up and now it looks great! Almost afraid of going in there and creating in fear of making it messy again!

Took the boys to the youth center while Miss Elora played at her best friends house which is only two doors down. Now that the house has been clean been lounging around, waiting on the laundry to be finished, watching one of my all time favorite movies "Pride & Prejudice". Got to love the summer time.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Time really does just fly by

In 3 short weeks the kids will all be back at school again. Elora will be entering elementary school and will be a proud Kindergartner. She is excited as can be to be going to school along with her brothers. I really do hope this excitement continues through out her school years. It is amazing watching the twinkle in her eye when she gets things right, writes her letters, numbers, and names, and has even tied her own shoes. She learned much earlier than the boys did that is for sure.

This month we are just relaxing, enjoying the next couple weeks off, then celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary, along with Mark's 12th year in the navy, the kids going back to school, and hopefully fall weather approaching us soon!

We had plans to go to Savannah, but with the scheduling it fell through but hopefully we will make it in September. We also will have to reschedule our anniversary trip cause my friend who was going to watch the kids has her mother coming in which is fine. We will go that first weekend in September and have a great time.

I do have some pics to post but need to resize them and being I am on the netbook I will do it another post. I've been reading a couple series. I am all done with the Sookie Stackhouse series until the next one which I believe is next May, I have read all but hunted in the House of Night series, I have started reading the Boleyn series by Philippa Gregory, and waiting on book 1&2 in the Vampire Diaries series. I did read the Patricia Briggs series Mercedes Thompson which were good and a new book should be coming out soon to that series I think this fall. I am glad I have reconnected with my love for books and reading. I am also glad that Elora has absorbed my love for books as well.

Until next time, blessed be and good day!