Sunday, August 2, 2009

Time really does just fly by

In 3 short weeks the kids will all be back at school again. Elora will be entering elementary school and will be a proud Kindergartner. She is excited as can be to be going to school along with her brothers. I really do hope this excitement continues through out her school years. It is amazing watching the twinkle in her eye when she gets things right, writes her letters, numbers, and names, and has even tied her own shoes. She learned much earlier than the boys did that is for sure.

This month we are just relaxing, enjoying the next couple weeks off, then celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary, along with Mark's 12th year in the navy, the kids going back to school, and hopefully fall weather approaching us soon!

We had plans to go to Savannah, but with the scheduling it fell through but hopefully we will make it in September. We also will have to reschedule our anniversary trip cause my friend who was going to watch the kids has her mother coming in which is fine. We will go that first weekend in September and have a great time.

I do have some pics to post but need to resize them and being I am on the netbook I will do it another post. I've been reading a couple series. I am all done with the Sookie Stackhouse series until the next one which I believe is next May, I have read all but hunted in the House of Night series, I have started reading the Boleyn series by Philippa Gregory, and waiting on book 1&2 in the Vampire Diaries series. I did read the Patricia Briggs series Mercedes Thompson which were good and a new book should be coming out soon to that series I think this fall. I am glad I have reconnected with my love for books and reading. I am also glad that Elora has absorbed my love for books as well.

Until next time, blessed be and good day!

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