Thursday, August 6, 2009

Let the cleaning commence

So today started off poorly waking up with a nasty migrain that had carried over from the night before. Fortunately I had some meds left and the headache dissapated. So I finally got up, got Elora dressed and hair done, the boys got dressed and begged to play video games, so while they were doing that I finally tackled the task at hand, which was our very messy office space and craft room. Let me tell you it was a long time and coming. It was 5 grocery bags full of trash and very gritty. Swept it all up and now it looks great! Almost afraid of going in there and creating in fear of making it messy again!

Took the boys to the youth center while Miss Elora played at her best friends house which is only two doors down. Now that the house has been clean been lounging around, waiting on the laundry to be finished, watching one of my all time favorite movies "Pride & Prejudice". Got to love the summer time.

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