Sunday, March 29, 2009

Off to the Beach

Well we decided to go to the beach. We took two of the kids friends, Donnie and Makayla. The kids had a great time, was a beautiful day, and the water was brilliantly chilly. They had a great time none the less. Here are some pics:

Having fun at the beach

The gang

Elora playing in the sand lol

Saturday, March 28, 2009

sleeping over

So here I am on a Saturday night it's late and the kids are having a blast. Their friend and one of our neighbors kid Makayla is spending the night. They are eating popcorn, drinking juice, and having ice cream not to mention playing Wii lol.

Earlier today one of the little girls that normally plays with Elora was very rude and it just rubs me the wrong way. I know I shouldn't dwell but it just bothers the crap out of me. Next time I will be sure to say something to her parents who I am sure don't really give a crap cause the child learned it somewhere. She told Elora " I dont care what your parents say you come out here RIGHT NOW". It took everything in my to just let her walk away.... Hopefully I won't have to deal with her in the next few days the way its been thundering and raining!!

Another Saturday

So I am sitting in my florida room, one of my new favorite places to be with the netbook, I love it in here just cause the breeze is just right, the lighting is nice, and I can hear the birds sing, the wind blow, tree's move, squirrels running around. It is nice especially for spring here in Florida. In Norfolk I wouldn't of been able to do this with out smelling dog poop, kids fighting, cars popping, it just seems more peaceful here. Definitely enjoy it more than Virginia although I do miss the Busch Gardens being so close lol.

So, its another Saturday coming and going. They seem to be moving so fast these days. Just whizzing on by. Next Saturday is Mark's 31st birthday. We also have the derby competition for the entire district for Andrew. Not sure if were making dinner or going out. But I will be getting him a cake, and then the kids will make him some cards, and we will hand him his present when he least expects it. LoL. Sure glad he doesn't follow my blog huh!

I also can't believe right after his birthday 5 days after to be exact we will be celebrating our baby's birthday. She is turning 5! Where did the time go??? I have NO idea what happened there. One day she is this beautiful chunky monkey and next she is this tall slender gorgeous soon to be 5 year old ready to take on kindergarten and be more independent!! What is up with that? She has always asserted her Independence from the time she was born but to have her go off to school 8 hours a day is a little depressing and exciting at the same time. It will be strange since I will be home alone and she will be able to go to the youth center. It is like some of my friends put it...the light at the end of the tunnel lol. But in a good way of course. I will miss her a something terrible like I do the boys but I will be excited for them all to come home!

Okay anyways now that Ive gotten all my mushy stuff out...or have I? LoL. I am eagerly awaiting for the arrival of the gorjuss girl stamps my friend and I purchased. I need to get back to making and restocking my cards. Not sure if I am going to continue doing stamping up anymore...they haven't inspired me in a long time. I might get the rest of my newer ink pads and call it a day. There are so many other companies that produce stamps that make me want them and think of ideas beyond protocol.

Since the day looks sort of nice and maybe Mark will be home early enough to attempt going to the zoo. It is supposed to have a 30% chance of rain today but I dunno. Here you can never tell if the weather is going to turn as quick as you turn your head. Especially living on the beach the clouds roll in and out quite frequently. Well time to go play with the kids some. Have a nice Saturday.

Monsters VS Aliens

This was a cute movie. I was expecting it to be alright but I wasn't expecting 2 hours of laughs and giggles. The message was cute too. It was to believe in yourself. I thought reese witherspoon did a great job as Susan and it was cute for kids of all ages...It will definately be on our list to buy later. The previews were looking pretty interesting too. The new movie from Disney's Pixar looks like it would be something Id take the kids to see. It was called UP. It was about an old man who wanted some adventure in his life and this little cub scout rings his door bell asking if he needed any help and in the mean time he launges his house up into the air with a billion balloons and this poor kid rings the door bell again and is on the porch while the house is in the air lol. It looked cute so we're waiting for that. Bolt didnt suit our fancy at all. The new star trek looked good and believe me I hate star trek so that took me by surprise. Off to another blog log see you then.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Good Morning

It is morning now, the air is crisp, and cool, the sun isn't quite out but we're still hopefully it will be out later. Just enjoying the cool morning and watching all the squirrels and wood peckers look for food. Deedee and Ellie are intensely watching the animals too. The boys got up and dressed and played a little bit of the ps3, Elora is enjoying her Littlest Pet Shop DS game. Not sure what we are doing today. Hope Mark gets to come home early today being Friday but I doubt it. He works long hours here and he is on shore duty. Oh well I guess. Nothing we can really do about it. Until later.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring Break

Well it's finally spring break here. The boys are out of school until April. I am looking forward to them being home, and hopefully the weather will stay nice and I can take them to the beach! We dont really have any major plans except to veg out and relax. Hope everyone else who is also bout to start their spring break enjoys their time with their kids and has a good time!

A my husband is an idiot moment

So here I am at 9 pm on Thursday night, Mark was what I took as an insult and said " great a new way to be lazy " when he seen I was working on the Netbook. My first reaction was who the hell are you calling lazy??? If anything you're the lazy one in this marriage. I cleaned, dinner was made, laundry was going, and being put up by who??? Not Mark that is for DAMN sure...please he wouldn't dare break a sweat @@. As you can all tell this ticks me off very badly cause it's not like I sit on my ass all day long and do absolutely nothing. Oh yes, didn't you know the laundry washes, drys, folds, and puts itself away...The dishes do a neat trick too and the broom as well...Give me a fucking break. You know I left a basket of laundry sitting in the living room to see how long it would take before he would put it away...can you all GUESS how long it's been till I finally put it away today?????? 3 weeks, can you guys believe that shit!!! Has he has the fucking nerve to say something cause I was actually working?? I was actually taking searches for ChaCha when he said something. It just really pisses me off. It definately makes me feel under appreciated that is for sure.


So I finally got the USB connection and enjoying testing out my new netbook and watching Elora play outside from the living room :) I need to upload my university chacha so I can work online anywhere I please now! YAY!!! I am loving this birthday gift to myself! Woohoo!

This movie is actually pretty good. I wasn't expecting much, more of a b rated movie but "The Seeker" is pretty decent. I am intrigued. Ellie has been going banannas with all the people walking by. She hates when kids and workers walk too close to the house lol. It's been sunny off and on and the windows are opened to air out the house. I cleaned the boys room, put away 3 loads of laundry, washed 2 more, I still have a load in the dryer, a load in the wash ready to go into the wash cycle (its soaking so I can dry it right away), got the kitchen cleaned up, fed Elora and I, Mark came home for lunch, and cleaned our bedroom, and the bathroom. Although Mark needs to do the "washing" of the bathroom cause I refuse lol.

Thanks to Carrie I am getting my Gorjuss Girl stamps by Sugar Nellie from Funky Kits. I can not wait to recieve them!!! They are so cute!! I got Sitting which is now sold out on their online website! I also got Foxy, just a girl, and a little birdie told me. I can't wait to start playing with them! I'm sure those of you passing by or actually reading will see me work with them as soon as I get them in! I'll be back later I think lol. Until then!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I woke up feeling very tired, and the feeling just wouldn't go away. Although I couldn't contain my excitement bout getting a netbook today. I got the HP I planned on buying, also picked up Mark's gift and Elora's and some stuff for Caleb. I also went down to the tmobile store to get my internet set up for the netbook and of course they didn't have what I needed cause the store hadn't switched over to 3G yet and everything launched officially for them they did call the main store and had ordered me a HUA UMG181 WEBCONNECT USB LAPTOP STICK. I got that all settled and it should be here tomorrow! I'm so excited. For a few min I could get a wireless signal from someone but not fast enough or strong enough to really mess around with it. It is in transit and I am hoping it gets here before 1 pm or the wait is going to kill me. I can't go anywhere cause I have to sign for it. Can't wait!

I am also anxiously awaiting of the release of the Gorjuss Girl single stamps from Sugar Nellie!! They are sooooooooooo cute and I can't wait to get my hands on them! I really hope we can order them. It's released on Scotland time, eeek!

Tomorrow is no cub scouts, I just recieved the email for that. I do need to go to wally world and get a few bags of cereal, get some juice mixes and some water...But I will go to the commy for the water...or maybe I will buy the dang filter to go on the sink...might be a better option. I am also going to need laundry detergent too *sigh*. I hate laundry. It is never ending.

I am looking forward to sleeping in on Friday. I keep reminding the kids to not wake me up before 9 am ahahaha. Hopefully I can abide by my own rules. Although I do plan on taking them to the movies and see Monsters VS Aliens! It looks like a cute movie and I think they will enjoy it! It will be a nice treat!

My 8th book from the Charlaine Harris Sookie Stackhouse novels should be arriving next week some time! I am excited to read that series although making the books last more than a couple days is damn near impossible! Maybe I will have to MAKE myself put it down and go to bed at a normal hour lol. Her 9th book I don't think I can wait to get on paper back like I did this book...that comes out in May! I also plan on pre-ordering True Blood season 1 here soon!

I can't believe in 2 weeks my baby is going to be 5! Yup 5!!! Where did the time go? She used to be this chunky monkey walking around like godzilla! Now she is this gorgeous girl who loves to be outside. Today she got allot of compliments from the school staff. I am very proud of her and this is going to turn into a brag lol...Ms. Sue always says how amazing she is and we agreed she is much older than she looks lol. Elora has an old soul we think. Her sub today was Ms. Teneal and she told me she thought Elora was very special and an amazing young girl. ::beams with motherly pride::

Okay enough of my rambling for tonight. I'm proud I am keeping up with the blogging...Lets see how long it will last haha.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Alfredo Sauce (YUM)

Alfredo Sauce

this recipe is so simple and SOOOOOO good.

1 clove of garlic
1 cup of whipping cream
1 packet of italian dressing the powdered kind
2 cup of fresh parm cheese grated
1 stick of no salt butter

Heat the cream, garlic, and butter until all is mixed and melted. Add the cheese until all is melted serve with you favorite noodles or bread sticks!

Slightly rough day

Well my day started like any other. I got the kids off to school, did some laundry (still doing laundry), visited with my friend, went to the exchange. Think I might get my netbook there. The HP mini Note Netbook model 1035NR is there for $399.- and no tax. The reviews on it were good. Got our cell numbers changed over to the 904 area code. Have to switch it with the schools and such. I have a slight migrain creeping up on me. I'm feeling bloated and irratated...hmmm wonder in the aunt is dropping by. She better be, I don't want/need no damn birthday surprise to end up in another gift 9 months later lol. Deposited some checks into the damn account. Man sometimes I hate Bank Of consignment check they are holding for 7 flipping days @@. UGH pain in the ass. The boys got home and got their home work done, went to the youth center, and Elora played outside with her friends. Let me tell you I could create a sand box in our tub from all the dirt we've washed off that child. I did get to watch my dvr'd shows. I can't stand to have the Dvr too full hahah. Going to go to publix some time this week and order both Elora's and Mark's birthday cakes. I also need to pick up his gift out of layaway this week too...We've decided for Elora's actual birthday day we are giving her our presents all but ONE. We are giving her a bike, helmet, some LPS stuff,& some Hello Kitty stuff. The item we are saving is the hello kitty digi cam so she can take pics of all her little friends at her party. I need to get Caleb some things too and they are having a combined party on the 18th of April I think...I need to get rolling on the invitations for those as well. Well enough rambling...going to take some aleve and lay down!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Break is coming!

I know some Mom's are screaming for the hills when spring break rolls around but I am soooooooooo looking forward to it. Not having to get up and take the kids to school and getting to sleep in just a little bit even if it is till 8-9 am! Friday the boys don't have school for a teacher development day but Elora has school but we have already talked to Ms.Sue and said we won't be going :) Bring on the lazy days!

Nothing major planned since Mark will still have normal working hours. If the weather is nice I do plan on taking them to the park and doing a picnic. Let's cross our fingers it doesn't rain and warms up a tad bit!

Tator Tot Casserole

This was a yummy and interesting casserole my friend had mentioned to me:

1 package frozen tater tots
1 lb ground beef
2 cups cheese
1 cup sour cream
1 cup milk
Salsa for topping if you wish

-ground the meat and season to your liking
-in a 9X11 cake pan/casserole dish place the ground beef and spread
-in a bowl mix the cheese, sour cream, and milk and mix well
-spread the mixture over the hamburger meat
-lay the tater tots over it all and back at 325 for 30-45 min until tater tots are brown
-Serve with salsa on top if you wish

Off to the Races

Cub scouts has been a great confidence booster for the boys. We are so glad we got to sign the boys up. This past Saturday, March 21st, 2009 we had our very first Derby race for Cub Scouts. The boys worked hard on their cars with very minimal help from Mom or Dad. Andrew was very proud of his "Dragonfire" truck and Caleb with his race car.

We saw lots of neat derby cars and the boys loved looking at other kids idea's. Caleb raced in the Tiger division and placed 3rd out of the entire pack. Andrew took 1st place in his division which was for the Bears and he also took 2nd place out of all the cars in the entire pack (Tigers, Wolves, Bears, & Weblos). Andrew will be racing his truck in the Big Derby coming up on April 4th, 2009! Wish him lots of luck!

Here are some pics of their cars!
Caleb's race car is the green and red with blue and white stripes

Ready, Set, Go!

Andrew's Dragonfire Truck

Andrew's car is racing now!

Tired Little Princess

Elora hates to nap, it's like pulling teeth on a very hungry tiger...near impossible to get the child to settle down long enough to fall asleep. Leave it to Mr.Percy Perkins to snuggle her into a calm peaceful sleep. Boy does she love that cat lol.

Here Percy is almost asleep too!

Turning 30 wasn't so bad...Or was it?

I must admit I was relatively calm about my birthday this year. The "big" 3-0 lol. I know lots of my friends wanted to stay 29 forever, I guess I am okay or maybe my temper tantrum will come later? Maybe it's shock? Who knows.

Had a good birthday this year. Mark got me a cake that Elora had picked out the design and colors, kids gave me a beautiful card and made me tons of pictures, got my "Twilight" dvd, pre-ordered my Charlaine Harris From Dead to Worse book on paper back that is due to come out next week, ordered some Anya Stamps from the greeting farm, and pre-ordering true blood season one on dvd. Mark and the kids took me out to lunch and we had cake and relaxed. Was a good birthday.

Here's to turning 30!