Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Slightly rough day

Well my day started like any other. I got the kids off to school, did some laundry (still doing laundry), visited with my friend, went to the exchange. Think I might get my netbook there. The HP mini Note Netbook model 1035NR is there for $399.- and no tax. The reviews on it were good. Got our cell numbers changed over to the 904 area code. Have to switch it with the schools and such. I have a slight migrain creeping up on me. I'm feeling bloated and irratated...hmmm wonder in the aunt is dropping by. She better be, I don't want/need no damn birthday surprise to end up in another gift 9 months later lol. Deposited some checks into the damn account. Man sometimes I hate Bank Of America...my consignment check they are holding for 7 flipping days @@. UGH pain in the ass. The boys got home and got their home work done, went to the youth center, and Elora played outside with her friends. Let me tell you I could create a sand box in our tub from all the dirt we've washed off that child. I did get to watch my dvr'd shows. I can't stand to have the Dvr too full hahah. Going to go to publix some time this week and order both Elora's and Mark's birthday cakes. I also need to pick up his gift out of layaway this week too...We've decided for Elora's actual birthday day we are giving her our presents all but ONE. We are giving her a bike, helmet, some LPS stuff,& some Hello Kitty stuff. The item we are saving is the hello kitty digi cam so she can take pics of all her little friends at her party. I need to get Caleb some things too and they are having a combined party on the 18th of April I think...I need to get rolling on the invitations for those as well. Well enough rambling...going to take some aleve and lay down!

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