Saturday, March 28, 2009

Monsters VS Aliens

This was a cute movie. I was expecting it to be alright but I wasn't expecting 2 hours of laughs and giggles. The message was cute too. It was to believe in yourself. I thought reese witherspoon did a great job as Susan and it was cute for kids of all ages...It will definately be on our list to buy later. The previews were looking pretty interesting too. The new movie from Disney's Pixar looks like it would be something Id take the kids to see. It was called UP. It was about an old man who wanted some adventure in his life and this little cub scout rings his door bell asking if he needed any help and in the mean time he launges his house up into the air with a billion balloons and this poor kid rings the door bell again and is on the porch while the house is in the air lol. It looked cute so we're waiting for that. Bolt didnt suit our fancy at all. The new star trek looked good and believe me I hate star trek so that took me by surprise. Off to another blog log see you then.

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