Thursday, March 26, 2009

A my husband is an idiot moment

So here I am at 9 pm on Thursday night, Mark was what I took as an insult and said " great a new way to be lazy " when he seen I was working on the Netbook. My first reaction was who the hell are you calling lazy??? If anything you're the lazy one in this marriage. I cleaned, dinner was made, laundry was going, and being put up by who??? Not Mark that is for DAMN sure...please he wouldn't dare break a sweat @@. As you can all tell this ticks me off very badly cause it's not like I sit on my ass all day long and do absolutely nothing. Oh yes, didn't you know the laundry washes, drys, folds, and puts itself away...The dishes do a neat trick too and the broom as well...Give me a fucking break. You know I left a basket of laundry sitting in the living room to see how long it would take before he would put it away...can you all GUESS how long it's been till I finally put it away today?????? 3 weeks, can you guys believe that shit!!! Has he has the fucking nerve to say something cause I was actually working?? I was actually taking searches for ChaCha when he said something. It just really pisses me off. It definately makes me feel under appreciated that is for sure.

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