Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I woke up feeling very tired, and the feeling just wouldn't go away. Although I couldn't contain my excitement bout getting a netbook today. I got the HP I planned on buying, also picked up Mark's gift and Elora's and some stuff for Caleb. I also went down to the tmobile store to get my internet set up for the netbook and of course they didn't have what I needed cause the store hadn't switched over to 3G yet and everything launched officially for them they did call the main store and had ordered me a HUA UMG181 WEBCONNECT USB LAPTOP STICK. I got that all settled and it should be here tomorrow! I'm so excited. For a few min I could get a wireless signal from someone but not fast enough or strong enough to really mess around with it. It is in transit and I am hoping it gets here before 1 pm or the wait is going to kill me. I can't go anywhere cause I have to sign for it. Can't wait!

I am also anxiously awaiting of the release of the Gorjuss Girl single stamps from Sugar Nellie!! They are sooooooooooo cute and I can't wait to get my hands on them! I really hope we can order them. It's released on Scotland time, eeek!

Tomorrow is no cub scouts, I just recieved the email for that. I do need to go to wally world and get a few bags of cereal, get some juice mixes and some water...But I will go to the commy for the water...or maybe I will buy the dang filter to go on the sink...might be a better option. I am also going to need laundry detergent too *sigh*. I hate laundry. It is never ending.

I am looking forward to sleeping in on Friday. I keep reminding the kids to not wake me up before 9 am ahahaha. Hopefully I can abide by my own rules. Although I do plan on taking them to the movies and see Monsters VS Aliens! It looks like a cute movie and I think they will enjoy it! It will be a nice treat!

My 8th book from the Charlaine Harris Sookie Stackhouse novels should be arriving next week some time! I am excited to read that series although making the books last more than a couple days is damn near impossible! Maybe I will have to MAKE myself put it down and go to bed at a normal hour lol. Her 9th book I don't think I can wait to get on paper back like I did this book...that comes out in May! I also plan on pre-ordering True Blood season 1 here soon!

I can't believe in 2 weeks my baby is going to be 5! Yup 5!!! Where did the time go? She used to be this chunky monkey walking around like godzilla! Now she is this gorgeous girl who loves to be outside. Today she got allot of compliments from the school staff. I am very proud of her and this is going to turn into a brag lol...Ms. Sue always says how amazing she is and we agreed she is much older than she looks lol. Elora has an old soul we think. Her sub today was Ms. Teneal and she told me she thought Elora was very special and an amazing young girl. ::beams with motherly pride::

Okay enough of my rambling for tonight. I'm proud I am keeping up with the blogging...Lets see how long it will last haha.

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