Monday, April 20, 2009

sneaky sneaky

So I get up, been off and on up since 6 something this morning. I finally decide to get up at 7:18 am lol. Was later than expected but still won't make us late. Of course I do my morning routine and can't help but sneak on to the scale this morning...Sure enough I was pleasantly surprised!!!!! I got on there and the scale read 199.0 even, I got off the scale and though it couldn't be (digital messes up too sometimes), so get back on after a few min and reset it and another 199.0!!! I'm so stoked. This week's "official" weigh in is going to be AWESOME!!!!!! This motivates my day completely!!!! I got up got some work out clothes on, got my yogurt and getting breakfast into me. I plan on going to the gym after I drop all the kids off since it looks like it is going to rain for sure, I was looking forward to walking to the beach and back but definitely not in the rain so I will head over to the next best thing, the on base gym which looks over the beach! I will work out there and hopefully go home in time to shower and get dressed to get Elora! So "unofficially" I've lost 5.4 lbs!!! I'm sure it's water weight but still I'm extremely happy with how my journey has begun! After I loose the official 10 lbs I will post a picture. I am looking forward to being 188 by June if not sooner!! Happy Monday everyone!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

walked to the beach

Im really excited. Today I decided to walk to the beach and back minus Ellie and I did a great job, didn't want to quit, did a good pace and it felt great! Im slightly sore and got a little sweaty but think it might be on my routine 3 days a week and then housing two days a week and one day rest! Looking forward to next week's weigh in!

It's been one full week...

It's been one full week since I started back on my journey of excercising, eating better, and loosing the weight. I started at 204.4 (eeeeeek). I thought I was going to weigh myself daily, since I am usually addicted to weighing in but I was good and didn't. I ate smaller portions, didn't snack on junk food often (I did snack on junk food though), and walked as much as my schedule allowed me. I got on the scale this morning and fully clothed I weighed

::Drum roll please::


I lost 2.2 pounds this week. I am excited for it. Now just got to keep it up.
Breakfast is so hard for me. I bought oatmeal to eat in the morning, omg I had to CHOKE it down. I'm not a morning eater AT ALL. But I will keep trying. This morning was a yogurt and it was a bit better but still hard to eat when I first get up! Hope it gets better!

Weight to loose:57.2 lbs

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

For those who know me very well all know I'm not a religious person and we'll just leave it at that. We do celebrate Easter though with the kids and explain it's origin, ect. We had a pretty relaxing weekend. Mark had Friday off, the boys went to the youth center from 1-7 pm and we gave them some money for snacks and drinks ect. Since the boys got to do something "fun" we decided to take Miss Elora to the zoo and see the new Japanese Garden with the Kamodo dragon. We walked around some, fed the birds in the aviary, but it was a humid day so we didn't spend too long there. We went and had pho noodles for dinner, came home picked up the boys and spent the evening playing games. Saturday the boys cleaned up their rooms, went to the youth center again, while Elora played outside with her friends. Elora did get a nice surprise from her Uncle Kevin and Aunt Nicold! They sent Elora & Caleb Birthday presents and All three got Easter toys and candy. It was a pleasent surprise and we are very greatful for such friends. Sunday the kids got their baskets, went egg hunting, played outside and in (since it was 85 outside), and had a relaxing weekend. Mark and I did some cleaning, and went to bed. Over all it was a lovely weekend and looking forward to many more.

Spring Cleaning is on a roll

So we're finally on a roll in our spring cleaning, it all started with the spring consignment back in March. Got rid of all the kids spring clothes, toys, ect and made a nice chunk of profit off of it. This past weekend Mark was a doll and did the boys closet by himself (it was a miracle lol), we did the linen closet last night after the kids went to bed, and today were doing the master bedroom closet and we will be done with all the closets (woohoo).

Our linen closet looks a little naked since I got rid of some stuff but I have an idea for it (Mark said "oh no" when I mentioned my idea LoL). I want to get some linen lined baskets and clean out from under the bathroom sinks in both the kids room and our bathroom and put stuff in the linen basket and put it in a shelf in the linen closet. This way when we have guests anything extra we have will be in a nice location. That is the plan for that space.

This coming weekend I would like us to work on the kitchen cabinets and re-organize them as well. I want to take everything out of the bar area and trash all the junk, put the appliances we dont use ever in the yard sale. I'd also like to go through our dishes and get rid of mismatched sets as well.

The goals I have are to sell most of it at a yard sale the housing is having and get new matching dishes, some new bath towels, and just a few house hold decorative items.
I would also like to be better organized before my Mom gets here too :) Until next time!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Stuck to it...Need to keep sticking to it.

So, yesterday I wrote a blog stating I need to get off my ass and get back into walking. I went walking around 5 pm tonight, the evening couldn't of been better. The air was crisp, it wasn't dusk yet, so Ellie and I went on our 30 min walk. It felt good to be walking in the cool crisp air. Got home, made the familia dinner, and relaxed. For the first time in a long time I feel optimistic. I might make an appt with the firstcoast clinic this week, still undecided about it. Here are my stats:

Starting Weight: 204.4
Highest weight ever: 210
First goal: 6/12: 188
Date started 4/12

Saturday, April 11, 2009

SO reality is setting in...

I really need to get back on my horse and get my tush in gear. I was doing so good with the walking before Christmas and I even walked while we were in AR for 7 days in the freezing cold and when we got home I walked a little and stopped for some reason. Not sure what or why Im sure sheer laziness just kicked in but ugh I was doing SOOOOOO good! I had lost 22 pounds in the time frame as well. Now here I sit haven't walked in months and I'm back to square one.

I know my problem is just nothing but excuses well I'm finally tired of excuses and here I go again! Tomorrow may be Easter Sunday but it is a new era for me. It will be day ONE of getting back on track, and kicking out the fat girl and re-throning the skinny girl! No more sweets, lots of water, and watch my portions. Taking Ellie for a walk tomorrow even if it is blazing hot outside!

I'm saving up to go to First Coast MD as well. I will there see a nutritionist, get weighed, get my back worked on and be held accountable for my actions. I really really really want to get this weight off and don't have the time to waste or the money for that matter on products that just don't work. I would however like to get back onto the Firm program for the days it truely is too hot to be out side or too many mequitos! But First Coast will help me get back on track and loose the weight in their 3 month program with actual doctors. I would love to have dropped at least 25 pounds by the time my Mom arrives in June. So I will be doing weekly weigh in's again and posting my weight on here for all to see (EEK). Here I go, and for GOOD this time!

Mark & his Cake

I forgot to get Mark and his cake pics up here too lol so here they are:

We thought the cake was too funny



Got to love trick candles.

Elora opening Presents

Well here are a few pics of the Princess opening her gifts from Dad, Mom, & the Boys. She was so funny. She made faces for every single pic and was so excited to open presents. From us she got a ton of LPS and sets, an outfit, a digi cam, flip flops, a bike and helmet (which I haven't take pics of). She also got an LPS set from Mark's Mom along with a LPS stuffed monkey. She also got a very cute LPS set from her Uncle Kevin & Aunt Nicole. :)

Waiting to open presents

Off she goes

One of my faves lol

giving kisses to her Bubbie

Getting kisses from Andrew

Birthday cake!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Elora!

I can not believe the day is actually here. At 12:35 pm Miss Elora Ellisyn Leigh Prescott joined the world via scheduled C-Section. I was already in labor when I had checked in so she had chose her day to be born. I remember the day like it was yesterday. I was 38 weeks and 4 days. She was born and she was perfect. She had red hair, bright pink cheeks, and was 7 pounds 13.4 ounces and 21 inches long. Mark never let her out of his sight and was wrapped around those tiny perfect little fingers from the moment he looked at her. For anyone who doubts there is love at first sight, they have obviously never had a child. She was perfect in every way and she was ours.

It seems like only yesterday I doing last minuet details and packing our bags for this afternoon. Now she is a bright, funny, gorgeous young girl who is full of spunk, life, not to mention sugar and spice.

She is currently in love with LPS (littlest Pet Shops), Hello Kitty, coloring, stamping, and playing outside. Today we are just celebrating with family and she will have a big party with Caleb on May 2nd. She can't wait!

Here are some pics of the birthday girl!

In the morning

Enjoying her Birthday Cupcake at school

Playing with the girls

Can't believe she is 5

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spring Cleaning..

Since spring is in the air, thank goodness it isn't raining anymore, wishing the last two days weren't so cold but what can you do? I have decided to do my spring cleaning again (yes yes I know). Today I got the bug and not only did I do my daily routine of sweeping, dusting, laundry and kitchen, I bleached out the shower, cleaned up my bedroom and cleaned up the office/craft room. I plan on getting all the closets cleaned out and get OUR clothes and pile them up for the yard sale the base is having. I also want to get all the toys the kids don't play with, shoes that are too small and anything else that can't go to consignment and try and get rid of it. My main goal is to get rid of some dishes, and get some new ones that match to replace some of the plastic stuff. Mark and I have tons of clothes we don't wear and get rid of it all once and for all. I would like to clean out the linen closet and "freshen" it up and get rid of old comforters that I know will never grace our beds lol. It is time, spring is definitely in the air!

And the Birthdays just keep rolling

Well here I sit, its April 8th and tomorrow is the 3rd person to have their birthday with in the two week period lol. I guess I kick off the birthday celebrations since my birthday is first in our family. Mark enjoyed his 31st birthday emmensly and was very happy. He was very lovey that weekend lol. Tomorrow is the "baby" girl's 5th birthday and it's becoming a bitter sweet moment for us. She will soon be registered for Kindergarten and off to school where the boys are 5 days a week from 8 am until 3:00 pm. It almost seems UNREAL. I know I have talke about this day since the time she turned 2 but never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that it would be at our door step so quickly. Makes me almost want to close the door and tell time to look somewhere else! Every day Ms. Sue tells me Elora is amazing and it was a very proud moment for me when the subsitute told me that Elora was very special and that I should be very proud. I am very proud of all our children but it is nice to be told that you are doing a good job as a parent. I will be in denial for the next few days lol.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Gorjuss Girls single stamps are finally MINE!

Oh I was so excited that these came out into the single stamps and ordered 4 of them. They are even greater in person than they are online!!! I just love them! Suzanne Woolcott did great with these. Unfortunately the only place you can buy them is in the UK since she is in Scotland! Gesh! But none the less I love them and they were money worth spending! I got 4 girls. Gorjuss Foxy, Gorjuss Just a girl, Gorjuss Sitting, and Gorjuss just a little birdie. Now knowing I was getting these beautiful stamps I got me some Copic Markers. OMG I love them but gosh why do they have to be so expensive!! Those are going to be adding to my collection one or two at a time...but I will keeping adding!

Here are some of the cards I did tonight just to try out my new stamps!

This one is the foxy and I made a Mother's Day card of out her :)
Gorjuss Sitting
Just a girl
A little birdie!

Happy 31st birthday you old fart LOL

It is officially April 4th and my retarded but lovable husband is officially 31! It *STILL* doesn't seem like we've been married almost 10 yrs this summer! Crazy.

Well for a while now I had planned out his birthday gift! I put it on layaway at the exchange and picked it up in March and as soon as I brought it home I wrapped it and tucked it away in the closet. Well yesterday he saw it and me being the softy I am let him open first he was guessing and he said "It can't be an xbox 360 its too small" it took everything I had not to say "oh really!" hahaha. I got some video which I haven't uploaded just yet but I do have a few pics :)

So here is Mark with his birthday gift!

This is him before the decision to open it lol I gave him 10 min to decide and he finally couldn't take it anymore.
This was a sweet moment for me just cause he was truely surprised and he just "loved" on it for a while haha.

Love my Anya's!!!

Well let's just say I've grown tired with Stampin' Up! I'm sorry I know there are tons of people who just eat, live, and breathe for it but for the last year I have not been one of them. Not when there are so many other companies who make such to die for stamps! One of my new loves is from "The Greeting Farm". Her name is Anya and she is adorable! I bought my first ones a couple days ago and bought Mermaid Anya, Rockstar Anya, and Princess Anya! O-M-G!! I love love love them. I also ordered Ian stamps which are too cute and make GREAT boy cards!! I got Skater Ian (can't wait) and Space Ian! Too cute!

Here are some pics of the cards I started making with the Anya's, Im sure more will be making its way here soon!

Rockstar Anya
Princess Anya
Mermaid Anya
You can find them at

Thursday, April 2, 2009

7 days and counting...

Can you believe that in 7 days our baby girl is going to be 5?? Where did the time gooooooooooooooooo??? I have NO idea. I can still remember the days where she was this chunky little ham who even then was full of drama and had the most halarious facial expression. She was always a strong willed child even before born. Can't deny her too much with out her voicing her opinions. Now she is a bright, beautiful, talented, soon to be 5 yr old! ::still wonders where the time went::

Elora at 1 yrs old:

Elora at 2 yrs old:

Elora at 3 yrs old:

Elora at 4 yrs old:

Elora at ALMOST not quite but soon to be 5 yrs old lol:


Love my Kids

Just enjoying spring break over here. The boys got hair cuts today and Im recovering from being really sick. But I got some pics of them today looking too cute and having fun!

Mr Caleb

Mr Andrew

Miss Elora

Rare moment

Dont let the smiles fool you

Giving Ellie bear loves

Caleb's turn too

Thought this was funny cause of Ellies face