Friday, April 3, 2009

Happy 31st birthday you old fart LOL

It is officially April 4th and my retarded but lovable husband is officially 31! It *STILL* doesn't seem like we've been married almost 10 yrs this summer! Crazy.

Well for a while now I had planned out his birthday gift! I put it on layaway at the exchange and picked it up in March and as soon as I brought it home I wrapped it and tucked it away in the closet. Well yesterday he saw it and me being the softy I am let him open first he was guessing and he said "It can't be an xbox 360 its too small" it took everything I had not to say "oh really!" hahaha. I got some video which I haven't uploaded just yet but I do have a few pics :)

So here is Mark with his birthday gift!

This is him before the decision to open it lol I gave him 10 min to decide and he finally couldn't take it anymore.
This was a sweet moment for me just cause he was truely surprised and he just "loved" on it for a while haha.

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