Monday, April 20, 2009

sneaky sneaky

So I get up, been off and on up since 6 something this morning. I finally decide to get up at 7:18 am lol. Was later than expected but still won't make us late. Of course I do my morning routine and can't help but sneak on to the scale this morning...Sure enough I was pleasantly surprised!!!!! I got on there and the scale read 199.0 even, I got off the scale and though it couldn't be (digital messes up too sometimes), so get back on after a few min and reset it and another 199.0!!! I'm so stoked. This week's "official" weigh in is going to be AWESOME!!!!!! This motivates my day completely!!!! I got up got some work out clothes on, got my yogurt and getting breakfast into me. I plan on going to the gym after I drop all the kids off since it looks like it is going to rain for sure, I was looking forward to walking to the beach and back but definitely not in the rain so I will head over to the next best thing, the on base gym which looks over the beach! I will work out there and hopefully go home in time to shower and get dressed to get Elora! So "unofficially" I've lost 5.4 lbs!!! I'm sure it's water weight but still I'm extremely happy with how my journey has begun! After I loose the official 10 lbs I will post a picture. I am looking forward to being 188 by June if not sooner!! Happy Monday everyone!

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