Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spring Cleaning..

Since spring is in the air, thank goodness it isn't raining anymore, wishing the last two days weren't so cold but what can you do? I have decided to do my spring cleaning again (yes yes I know). Today I got the bug and not only did I do my daily routine of sweeping, dusting, laundry and kitchen, I bleached out the shower, cleaned up my bedroom and cleaned up the office/craft room. I plan on getting all the closets cleaned out and get OUR clothes and pile them up for the yard sale the base is having. I also want to get all the toys the kids don't play with, shoes that are too small and anything else that can't go to consignment and try and get rid of it. My main goal is to get rid of some dishes, and get some new ones that match to replace some of the plastic stuff. Mark and I have tons of clothes we don't wear and get rid of it all once and for all. I would like to clean out the linen closet and "freshen" it up and get rid of old comforters that I know will never grace our beds lol. It is time, spring is definitely in the air!

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