Saturday, April 11, 2009

SO reality is setting in...

I really need to get back on my horse and get my tush in gear. I was doing so good with the walking before Christmas and I even walked while we were in AR for 7 days in the freezing cold and when we got home I walked a little and stopped for some reason. Not sure what or why Im sure sheer laziness just kicked in but ugh I was doing SOOOOOO good! I had lost 22 pounds in the time frame as well. Now here I sit haven't walked in months and I'm back to square one.

I know my problem is just nothing but excuses well I'm finally tired of excuses and here I go again! Tomorrow may be Easter Sunday but it is a new era for me. It will be day ONE of getting back on track, and kicking out the fat girl and re-throning the skinny girl! No more sweets, lots of water, and watch my portions. Taking Ellie for a walk tomorrow even if it is blazing hot outside!

I'm saving up to go to First Coast MD as well. I will there see a nutritionist, get weighed, get my back worked on and be held accountable for my actions. I really really really want to get this weight off and don't have the time to waste or the money for that matter on products that just don't work. I would however like to get back onto the Firm program for the days it truely is too hot to be out side or too many mequitos! But First Coast will help me get back on track and loose the weight in their 3 month program with actual doctors. I would love to have dropped at least 25 pounds by the time my Mom arrives in June. So I will be doing weekly weigh in's again and posting my weight on here for all to see (EEK). Here I go, and for GOOD this time!

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