Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween is upon us!

Yup Halloween is coming up quick. It is my favorite time of year and Holiday but this year just feels off for some reason. I think this year feels "rushed" not sure why but it just does. On base they moved our trick or treating day to Saturday October 30th which might be why I feel rushed partially. So since on base we are trick or treating on Saturday we are going out into town for a little bit on Sunday and trick or treat for a little bit =) Lucky kids this year (have to look at it positive right?). I feel like a donkey today. Didn't realize the character parade was starting right at the beginning of school so completely forgot my camera and my phone so no pictures of the kids at the parade...It just isn't like me I know but what can you do. I wasn't feeling well last night and trying to recover from it today. But I do have a pic of the treat bags I did (well one of them)! The kids looked super cute today in their costumes and I will get pictures when they go out tomorrow!

Until next time, be safe & many loves and hugs!

Sunday, October 24, 2010


I do realize I might just be talking to myself out here in this blogger world. I don't mind obviously since I do keep posting and updating, but whatever.
Coupon-ing has become my new addiction. It's always thrilling to see that you can save a mere .55 cents on some deli meat, $1.00 on tortilla's or toilet paper. I have notice though if I really go through the coupons and go through our local grocery stores and take the time I do save up quite a bit of money. Paying full price is a thing of the past these days. My last grocery shopping trip alone I saved almost $20. I got everything I needed for 12 meals, breakfast, snacks, & dessert included for less than $100. It was GREAT. Nothing like seeing your grand total keep shrinking and shrinking down.

In today's paper there are a couple good coupons. I was mostly looking for deals on point and shoot cameras now that mine is DEAD (read previous posts for that rant). There was a $25 off coupon for a sonicare toothbrush which I am thinking might go lower in price for black Friday this year. This coupon is good until January of 2011 so I'm pretty sure I can find a good deal by then. If not then some lucky person will find my coupon on the shelf at a random store. There was a free KFC sandwich if you buy a 30 oz drink from them. Will be lunch some time this week, love getting free food lol.

Have recently discovered that the commissary does indeed change their prices almost daily and its much more beneficiary to shop on the OFF weeks of payday cause most of their items are significantly cheaper!! For instance I bought a couple boxes of cinnamon toast crunch, it has become a staple in our house the last month or so since I keep getting this great coupons on them and then combine it with the military store coupon and get a box for less than .75 cents a box sometimes even cheaper. Well I shopped the "off" week which is about 5 days after pay day. I got the boxes for $ 1.69 a box. I then went back 2 days after pay day and they wanted $3.00 for that SAME box, I wasn't paying that price not when I paid $1.69 before the coupons. So again I waited and sure enough on day 6 at the commissary they were once again $1.69 on the shelves. I have been paying a little more attention and this goes for quite a few of their items if not all. Now that they have switched to electronic its hard to keep up with all their price changes but I think its bogus that they do that to our service members and their families. But like many others I will continue to shop there to get the most out of my money simply cause I can get it cheaper than anywhere else. Okay that is it for now. Much Love, laughter, & snuggles.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

3rd Annual Fall Pictures

Elora Ellisyn Leigh age 6

Caleb Bryce Age 8

Andrew William Age 10

Susie Home Maker

Been in a baking mood since all the fall decorations have come out and Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Got my Taste of Home Magazine today and boy did it inspire me. I has these great Halloween lanterns I would love to try out this week, they look so simple too and super cute. I can't wait to do them! But also in this months Magazine there was some great Thanksgiving meal recipes. They have a whole section on "Sweet, Tart, & Tempting" can you guess what it is?? Caramel apples of course! Who can resist those? Man my eyes say yum and my brain says "just walk away, just walk away" but I can't sometimes. Self control is going to be a big issue I have to work on these holidays!

This Thanksgiving I want it all. I want the fancy traditional turkey slathered with butter & herbs, thrown in the oven to cook all day, stuffed with my mom's delicious stuffing recipe, with all the trimmings I remember as a kid. Stuffing, mashed potatoes, corn, green beans, pumpkin pie and apple pie. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water and my stomach hurt =) Really hoping that I get to play hostess to some friends this year especially being it might be our last year here. If not then you know what I will do it all anyways! How bout that! I am a little nervous though. I haven't ever done a turkey on my own EVER. Mark and I have been married 11 yrs 2 months and 2 days and I have NEVER done my own whole turkey. I have done plenty of hams, plenty of turkey breasts but never my own turkey! Ohhhh Boy! I am looking forward to it though, just the whole day of the nice cool crisp air (yes it should be chilly by then), letting the kids play outside, getting all the food ready, having friends over, enjoying good food and good company! Did I mention I also want to go all out and decorate too?? My husband must think I am nuts sometimes and I admit I get an idea stuck in my head how things should look and how I want them to look, don't we all? Okay until another post! Love often, love much!

Autumn Splendor

It still hasn't quite hit that it is Fall here in Jacksonville Florida. It is our 3rd fall here in the city of Mayport. It's amazing to hear that parts of the Northern states are getting snow when we are in 80+ degree weather still enjoying our short sleeves, skirts, shorts, and flip flops. Autumn is my favorite season of them all. Winter usually is quite drab and cold with hardly any color but Christmas and Winter festivities are enjoyed none the less. Spring all the flowers bloom and the promise of Summer isn't very far behind. I do enjoy Spring though due to it kicking off our "Birthday Season" as I call it. Although I am sure our checking account/wallet cringe at the mere thought of "Birthday Season". But it's been "Fall" here since September when our calendar forces us to realize the weather should be changing. Not here apparently. I am wishing for cooler days, which don't get me wrong we have had a few, not many but a few. Nights are getting cooler, mornings are nice and breezy, just enough to want a light jacket. Although Mark says I am nuts since I am cold 98% of the time these days. Anyhow on with the updates...

We did our 3rd annual Autumn pictures last weekend. Went and found adorable matching outfits for all three kids,& yes we are THOSE parents LOL. Spent our small fortune and took some pics on the new nature trail out by the front of the Naval base. The children, bless their little hearts were all smiles and giggles about entertaining my demands for pictures. Thankfully they are quite used to me being "in their faces" for pictures. I got quite a few that I love. Our only down fall that day was the camera died, yup it just died, keeled over, kaput, dead, finito! Oh you should of seen me. I was not a happy Momma. Not to mention we still had to go to the Fall Festival! Can you imagine my panic about having to go with out a camera!! Oh yes. Not a pretty sight. But anyway, I got over it, let the kids enjoy their rides, games, & food. Had a GREAT day. This whole weekend was picturesque really. Sunday we went to the "farm" out in St.Augustine. Yeah it's pretty sad when you're farm contains 3 chickens, 1 pig, 1 goat, 1 donkey, a corn maze, and a sad looking pumpkin patch. Shoot never mind the dang patch all the kids wanted to do was jump on the popper! Ahhh to be young again LOL. So yeah we tried, won't ever go back and sadly it won't ever compare to the gorgeous setting of Belmont Farms out in Matthews County in VA. One of the only great things about VA we liked. We miss our little pumpkin patch out in East County San Diego where we lived in Lakeside, was adorable and fun not to mention FREE. So yes this farm was quite the disappointment and not to mention EXPENSIVE. WOOOWEEE it was expensive. After our trip to the farm we found "The Hyypo" which is a fresh little gourmet Popsicle shop in Old St.Augustine. They had delicious flavors of all kinds of freshly made Popsicle. Pricey but GREAT. We each got our Popsicle and devoured it right there in the store, even debated on getting a 2nd one. After deciding not to we walked around all the great little stores and decided to go to the S.W.I.N.G park. It was this great looking park with towers, swings, slides, bridges, cut outs for pictures, all sorts of things. We let the kids play and then took them home. Of course we were all tired so we enjoyed some nice Chinese take out from one of our local favorites and watched "How to Train your Dragon". We just love that movie.

This weekend we are keeping it low key for sure. Have bought Elora some cute but inexpensive fairy wings since that is what she would like to be for Halloween this year. I might make her another tulle skirt and have her wear some legging underneath, and a cute long sleeve shirt to match. Boys still haven't 100% decided what they wanted to be. So I might make Andrew his costume since he would really like to be Soren from Guardians of Ga'Hoole. Caleb wants to be another clone trooper. Again. LOL. I haven't been as excited for Halloween this year. I am not sure what is up with me. I haven't even bought a costume for myself this year. Not sure if I am going to?! I might be a witch or just slap on some fairy wings too. We'll see. You would think with all the weight loss I've just had that Id be out getting all sorts of new costumes, yeah not quite. ::shrugs::

New regs come out for us November 8th and guess what? It is our turn to choose. Am I excited. A little. Am I worried, not so much really. We'll make the best of where ever we end up. Sea Duty will suck that is for sure, usually does. Although we are on Shore Duty now and he works longer hours than he did when he was on Sea, which is ridiculous that is for sure. I am going to miss living on this base though, I am going to miss utilizing the Youth Center, the close friends the children have made, and the friendships I have looked forward to on a daily basis. Just have to make the best of what is to come. Until next time. Many laughs, hugs, & smiles.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

First school week down...many more to go

Well what can I say. School has already blasted off full speed. Andrew so far is doing fantastic. He is currently on ADD meds, the lowest dosage possible of 5 mg. He has been so proud of himself telling us he has been writting, and doing quite a bit of it. He has been raising his hands to ask questions about math problems and does his homework with out issue so far. We are very proud of the way he has carried himself and made himself want to be responsible. Elora is proud of herself as are we for being in the first grade and not wanting to stay home like so many of her classmates complain about in her class. Caleb was nervous at first, but who isn't on the first day of school? He is a bit better and even has a new friend who comes over just about every day to see if Caleb can play outside lol. Its been an interesting first week of school. Wish I could say I enjoyed it but I didn't not with consignment going on. I am sure once consignment is over I can get things back into a routine and done with. I am just so glad our first week of school went well for the kids and they are enjoying being back!

Sunday Morning

Good Morning!

I can't believe I am awake, but that is thanks to my husband who couldn't decide if he was coming or going. I've realized I haven't blogged in a long time. Just been so busy and got so caught up with our weight loss and then we had decided we were going to still go on somewhat of a vacation. Just foregoing Cali since we don't know our transfer status we decided to save the money and we went to Arkansas to see the grandparents instead. This trip was a much more pleasant experiance to say the least. Of course there was a couple little "hiccups" along the way but it wasn't anything to do with us and our immediate family, more like the in-laws or "out" laws as some people like to call them...I handled things a bit more graciously this time then I would of in the past, guess that means I am growing up some hu? Yeah don't laugh too hard, doubt it. Just have learned when to bite my tongue and when to let it go, this time it benefited me more than I could of thought or imagined.

Weight loss update:
I started February 26th 2010 and I was a whopping 203.6 lbs and climbing. I know my waist was over 46 inches. The weight has steadily but not always so easily dropped and I am currently now 150 lbs and dropping!!! I am feeling fabulous! I haven't exercised in a while being on vacation (I know its not an excuse) and I had gotten sick prior. I have lost a total of 53.6 pounds and still hoping to reach my ultimate goal of 140 by Christmas! I am so excited every time I try on a pair of clothes and it is a size 10 or an 8! It was great taking pictures on our 11 yr anniversary trip and not feeling like a fat blob and being able to walk and walk and walk and not feel so winded or tired, and man did we walk alot (I had three huge blisters to prove it).
Enough weight talk. I am sure I have annoyed people plenty with facebook statuses out the wahoo while dropping so many pounds and inches.

Summer vacation came to an end all too quickly in our opinions. Mark and I enjoyed having the kids home so much though it was great. Am I glad they are back in school, yes I would be lying if I said I wasn't, do I miss them most definitely. Our vacation was two week in AR but thankfully not all two weeks were spent in Dermott. No offense to my husband and his dear grandparents but there isn't much to do in Dermott let alone in heat that was 110 and heat index of 120 (yuck with a CAPITOL Y) lol. We got to go visit some friends in Hot Springs which was nice. It was nice for the kids to spread out some and run around and just to visit with friends and hang out in a not so tiny house. We thankfully got home safely and in one piece, barely had any time to unpack anything and went to Tampa 3 days later. We visited our coastie friends which made us desire living on an airforce base lol VERY Nice =)
Our friends were gracious enough to watch our three little monkies while we conquered Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure solo with out the kiddos. We got a very nice upscale hotel onsite to take advantage of their fast pass and it was GREAT. Being it was peak season those fast passes were a life saver, we never waited longer than 10 min on a ride and even the new Harry Potter ride that is in Hogwarts wasn't that long or at least didn't seem like it cause there were so many things to look out and take in. It was fantastic and now I dont think we can stay anywhere else BUT a universal hotel for just that reason! Hoping to have pictures uploaded to a website so that I can resize and upload onto the blog. Summer came to an end but it was a great one for sure.
Until next blog...

Sunday, July 11, 2010

So close yet so far...

It hasn't seemed like it has been 19 weeks going on 20 but here we are, far from that first week of when I decided it was time to change my life, change our life and eating habits and time to get moving. 19 weeks ago I was 203.6 lbs, my waist was 47 inches, my hips some where in the high 40's as well. I haven't measured my waist and hips in a while but the last time it was 35 inches on my waist. I am currently 160 lbs which I haven't been in a very very long time. I am very proud that I have made it this far and continue to drop in weight. I used to wear a size 18 and was climbing. I am now a size 12 but sure I am a size 10, I just haven't tried any on and my size 12 pants are large indeed. I figured these last 10 pounds to my first goal were and are going to be the hardest to drop. I haven't yet started my journey on p90X just yet. Things just keep coming up but soon no more excuses will be acceptable for myself. I am on an exercising haitus. I can't wait to shock those we visit in AR. In june even at 165 our friend who hasn't seen us in 2 months was in utter shock and it was a great feeling, one I would like to experiance over and over again! Here are some updated pics for those who are curious:



Just have to keep on telling myself to keep on going! Until next time...

Friday, June 4, 2010

It's been a Long time

It has been quite a while I have realized since last posting on this blog. I know I was supposed to keep up daily and weekly updates but what can I say, first and foremost I am a mother to 3 active children and a military wife to boot. SO things have suffered due to the course of which my life had taken me. But I am here for the time being and hopefully can keep up with the blog and updating even if sometimes it seems like no one really gives a crap.

Enough with the self wallowing lol

Just to put it out there in the world wide web, I know that once I send and post to the internet it is out there for ever. Thank you for reminding me "the Young and the restless" lol.
Yes I am full of humor this evening.

I went for my 14 week check up with the nutritionist. I am happy to report that my current weight is 169.6 I am down 34 pounds and dropping. I had lost 2 inches more off my hips than the last time I went which was about a month ago and that I am in a size 12 pant with plenty of wiggling room to drop, and excited to buy new clothes and definitely a new bathing suit this summer!!

Our plans for our california vacation ended up falling through for a number of reasons. 1) we have other expenses that need our attention now 2) Our oldest son was diagnosed with ADD which needs medical attention in the new up coming months and need to be close to GA to attend those.
3) we transfer next Sept and may end up at the west coast and will let the navy pay for our "vacation".
4) we are still going to AR and possibly to Atlanta to see the worlds largest Aquarium, which I bet is a sight to see!

My personal goal this summer is to
1) buy a new DSLR and start dabbling with photography more
2) teach all three kids how to swim since I am buying pool passes. Elora and Caleb are already getting the basics down and can swim a short distance of course with constant adult supervision.
3) Get Caleb and Andrew FCAT practice books to study over the summer
4) enjoy my family as much as possible.
5) buy plane ticket for my Mom to come visit during Christmas vacation
6) look into cruise prices from the ITT office
7) re-decorate both bathrooms lol
8) tone up my belly, arms, and thighs
9) Get to know my new friends better
10)to be happy and not regret anything as each day passes by.

Now note not all in that order lol

Monday, April 5, 2010

Okay some weight updating

Okay Okay I know lately I have been using our family blog to talk about my weight but I promise next post will be bout the family and some pics too. Well after a very interesting weekend of eating out starting Thursday when we had yoga berry & five guys burgers and fries for dinner. Mark and I kept it pretty simple and smaller portions and we both worked out, Friday we ate at Olive Garden for dinner which I mostly ate salad and bread sticks and Andrew and I split fettuccine alfredo BUT Elora ate most of mine haha. Saturday Mark wanted to go out for his Birthday dinner and we ended up at Texas Road house. I had steak and salad and a baked potato which tasted funny to me so I didn't eat it lol. My stomach is really getting used to eating smaller portions so I only eat half of my meals most the time. Mother nature showed up Friday of course so that put a damper on my day but thankfully has left to visit someone else for a while. Sunday we grilled chicken, ate salad, and mac n cheese with Carrie and Jeremy plus the kiddo's. So it was a good time not to mention I made Mark a cute birthday cake! So I will post what I weighed on Satuday during my weigh in....At week 5 I weighed 185.2 but this morning I weighed in (drum roll please) 184.6 so I am stoked to say the least! See you can eat what you want and still loose weight!!!!



Saturday, April 3, 2010

Eek I know I know

yes yes I know I know I haven't been blogging at all lately. Just been so dang busy. Between the three kids, their school activities, friends, husband, after school activities, at HOME activities including up keep of our home and keeping up with exercising the blog has been left behind =( I'm sorry!

On a better note I did have my doctors appointment and I did great. I was 15+ pounds less than my first visit and she was extremely proud. She told me to intake more fiber for my bathroom issues lol. Yes I know I tell too much to complete strangers who happen to stumble onto my blog but guess what that is alright. We are all human and we all have human problems and issues lol. So with that being said, I had lost 7 inches in my stomach and hips. My goal for April is to drop 10 lbs according to the doctor! At first I was like HOLY cow! That is a lot. To go from loosing a single digit number to a double digit is a big deal. I felt like the first 15 pounds were easy due to a good portion being water weight and now I don't have that at all to fall onto. But with eating the way I have and exercising 5 days a week I have managed to loose the first 3.4 lbs of that 10 lb goal. I am 8.1lbs away from my very own half way goal!! Not to mention I am 6.6 pounds away from the doctors goal. Which is lessening my "worry" about reaching 10lbs which hopefully I will do the same amount as last month if not a little more (crossing fingers). I am hoping to be in the low 170's by Caleb's birthday. Guess what??!!?! That leaves me with 20 some pounds to loose before reaching my first big goal!!!! From there I can loose up to another 5 pounds and keep hitting 5 pound goals from there until I am 140-135, I would love to be that again BUT the last time I was 150-155 I felt great, I was healthy, looked great and wore a size 9! My body has definitely changed since I was a teen and first married to Mark. I was 125 and a size 5 I don't think I desire to be that small again fitting into size 8,9, and yes even 10 will be fine with me as long as I am healthy and happy and can maintain that weight. So yes my first real goal was to hit 150 and then take it from there. The last time I was 150 I was 22 and here I am 31 hoping to be a size I worked hard to get to after I had Andrew. So 150 just may be skinny to me =) I just love that my size 16's and 15's are too big and I don't think I have anything sized 14 but I refuse to buy pants and shorts until I can at least drop these next 8 pounds and maybe even be a 12/14 some where in there. But even so I would like to wait and do a clothing over haul once I hit 150 and that should be around the time I am almost ready to go home on vacation!! Wouldn't that be awesome to see everyone's face when I went home! Mark loves that I am so motivated and is showering me with attention and teasing I am not going to be allowed out of the house soon! Things are really good between us finally. I am enjoying every process and trying not to get discourage when things get slightly rough. It took 10 yrs to put on this weight and I am not expecting a miracle and have a lot of hard work to put in, in order to work it off in 4-6 months. I do have high expectations of myself though so I plan on proving I can do it!
Much love and respect to all!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday, why are you so bossy!

Monday is not everyone's favorite day. I have learned to live with her, even though she demands work to be done LOL.

I woke up to pink eye. WTH. I am totally not happy about this AT ALL. On that note Monday isn't looking good for me lol. Monday's are usually busy days for me but NOOOOOOOOO not today. I do have to run to stupid walmart for my eye drops and cat and dog food. This whole time change has me all screwed up. Thankfully Mark was home and took the kids to school since this morning my eye was soooo puffy and nasty it made me want to crawl in a hole and stay there. But I got up, was interested to see if walking helped my bad choice in food yesterday. It did thankfully. It even shaved my 191.2 down to a flat 191 lol, hey .2 is better than nothing I tell you!

So here is my day so far:

9:30 am meds
11:00 AM slim fast 200
Haven't had one of those in a while but it was quick and easy and filling
1:00: snack-100 Calorie pack
4:30- beer bread and artichoke spinach dip
6:00 PM slim fast

Exercise walked 2 miles

Sunday, March 14, 2010

A new week begins!

Since the last couple days haven't been "great" eating days but still ending in loss I will get back on to my schedule. I just woke up not too long ago so need to take my meds, and get this show on the road LOL. Although the scale was very promising this morning. I did excercise quite a bit yesterday which my hips are regretting but I can see a decrease in dimpling in my legs which is GREAT!!!!
Woke up later than normal well not really but being the time sprung forward I felt like the day got away from me!

So 12 pm meds
1:00 pm Naked smoothie 300
3:00 pm: a nice piece of almond pound cake 140
5:00 pm: popeyes chicken nuggets, biscuit and rice 675
calorie count: 1115

Water: 32 ounces (it was a bad water day)
I wasn't planning on exercising though but I did plus I did some gardening work too
calories burnt in Exercise: 550+

So it was a good day even though I ate not so good. I was definitely more active. Gym is closed on Sunday's so figured walking was better than nothing and I walked with a friend for about an hour or so.

saturday food log 3-13-2010

This is going to be short and sweet since it was a hectic and emotionally draining day.

9:30 Am meds

12:00 PM two servings of smoothie drink from bottle 260

Lots of walking around then tastefully simple and I am not sure bout how many calories but I wasn't hungry but not eating isn't good either. So Sunday will be a better day!

Saturday -Officially two weeks 3/13/2010

Well it is always a successful week when weight is lost right? This week's weight loss isn't a huge monumental deal, but I kind of figured after loosing 9 lbs last week it wasn't going to be anything close to that. But I did up my exercising which is always a plus. So here are Saturday's stats:

Start weight 203.6
Week one: 194.4
Two weeks: 192.6

waist Upper: 35 1/2
belly button: 40
Hips: 43

Total lost: 11 pounds
Im sorry I can't remember what all the measurements were off the top of my head so I can't do a total lost on those.

But overall even with eating out on Friday it was a good week!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Almost two weeks!

Yup it's almost been two weeks since starting my new routine. I have to find my measuring tape, and I did weigh myself this morning and thinking of doing it again to be sure in a few min since my appointment is on a Friday this month and it's at 9:30 AM I try and weigh myself bout that time. I was stoked when I got on the scale this morning and yesterday was a fabulous calorie consuming and burning day. Today Mark and I are going to lunch at going to have Korean food. Generally it's not unhealthy cuisine and I looked up the calories and I think it will be just fine especially if I can squeeze a work out in today, so that is part of my plan! The great thing about a Korean lunch box special is it is all in smaller portions seperated out for you on a tray.

7:10 am: meds
8:30 am: strawberry smoothie 130
11:30 AM: korean lunch box 800 to be on the safe side
7:30: sandwhich and a couple fries- 600

120 ounces of water
CALORIE total: 1530

Tomorrow will be stats for week total in loss, total loss, and inches too!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

What a good day!

Got up and got the kids going, cleaned up the house, put away all the clean dishes, Mark came home early and we goofed around, then I went to the gym, and he picked up the kiddos since its a rainy day! It's been great calorie wise and great excercise wise!!
6:30: Meds
9:00 AM: strawberry smoothie 140
12:00 PM: lean cuisine 160
2:15 PM:snack 90
1 cookie: 32
4:00 PM: snack 100
6:oo pm: dinner- to be determined
calories so far: 422
Exercise + Misc: 529.76+
water: 48 ounces so far

As you can see I've definitely burned more than I consumed and I am not even hungry. A little tired but not hungry, pure awesomeness!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


You just don't know HOW excited I am right now! Ever since buying that damn new scale it has said 194.0-194.8. Finally Finally and yes FINALLY it said 193.3 and has stayed there!! Gesh 5 days of 194.4 being the average was starting to worry me and tick me off all at the same time. So with all my excitement this morning I am planning on alternating going to the gym and running around the neighborhood. I just can't bring myself to run on the tread mill. I don't know why but I can't do it. I can run around the neighborhood. I guess it is cause the gym is usually packed and I already feel self conscious as it is while there. So in a little bit I plan on suiting up and maybe even taking Ellie on a walk this morning and then another one tonight but shorter.

6:37 AM: meds
9:00 AM: slim fast 200
12:00 PM: yogurt pretzels 100
2:00 pm: pizza rolls 326
4:00 PM: snacks 200
6:30 PM: smoothie 180
Calories: 1006
80 ounces of water
Exercise: walking 25 min 170
shopping/walking/ect 177
total calorie: 659

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Oh my Aching...

So it's Tuesday. It's been a long day but a decent one. Got the kids up and running. Our McD's was serving the kids free breakfast since today was the first day of FCAT testing. Got the kids fed and off to school. Farted around online and then convinced Mark to go to the doctor since his eye was looking nasty. The poor Man got pink eye in BOTH eyes. EWWWWW. So as he went to the doctor I hit the gym. I did 20 min on the bike and 25 min on the tred mill. Since Mark wasn't done with his appt I walked the length of the beach here and then waited for him as a cool down period at the other end of the beach. Lets just say that I am hurting NOW. Okay so here are my stats for today:
7:30 AM: meds
8:30 am: Orange juice from Mc D's 180
10:00 am: fiber one bar 150
2:30 pm: michelinas 210
4:30 pm 1 cup movie theater pop corn 150
6:40 pm: smart one dinner 210

total calories: 900
Exercise: about 466
total calories after: 434
Water: 80 ounces of water

Hopefully I can get past this plateau I've encountered already and just keep moving forward. Mark says he can see a small difference and is such an encouragement to keep on moving and eating right. In the words of Ghost Hunters On to the next one!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Keep moving forward

So it's Monday morning!
Birds are singing, its 60 outside, and beautiful. I took my meds and need to make "breakfast".

7:40 am: meds
10:30: Pineapple smoothie-210
12:00 pm: Fiber one strawberry bar 140
2:30 pm: 1/2 applebee's burger and 5 fries 427
6:00 pm: Smart one Pasta 320
1 girl scout thin mint 40

Water: 80 ounces of water as of 7:19 pm
No soda
Exercise the usual cleaning-85 calories for 15 min of laundry and sweeping LOL

Total calories: 1137
Calories with house cleaning: 1052

Today was an okay day. It could of been a little healthier but needed to get that burger out of the house *wink wink*
Tomorrow I am striving for a lower calorie count more around 900's. Plan and buying more splenda and having my slim fasts tomorrow too. I didn't have one at all today. It's been a busy day. First going to take the kids to school, going to first coast for refund, then advance auto for wiper blades, then home, and taking Andrew to his appt and coming home and making them and myself dinner. No exercise today, I just don't feel like it lol. Peace out!

Sunday entry a day late LOL

Sorry sorry Sunday's entry was detoured by my house needing desperate care and then my husband ending up in the ER. More on that later. So I started off like any other day and new it was going to be a "treat" day. Mark wasn't going to be home and it was just the kids and I and so I treated them to sonic after I went to the store.

9:00 AM: meds
12:00 pm: Sonic BLT 500 & med sized diet cherry limeaid 15
2:00 PM: 1.5 slices of beer bread 210 & 1/2 tsp garlic garlic 40
48 ounces of water
7:00 pm: Applebee's south west burger (I cut it in half and didn't even finish a full 1/2 piece before I was full) and 1/2 fries totaling out to 617 calories since the entire meal is 1234.

Total calories: 1387
water: 48 ounces
Exercise: 1.5 hours of vigorus cleaning 307 calories burned

total calorie count: 1087

I guess after getting it all typed out and looking at all the official numbers I didn't do toooooooo bad not like I was expecting. The scale this morning had a + .6 gain which isn't much so I was glad. Guess good thing I did all that cleaning huh!

Okay so yeah,Mark and the ER. He went to go play paint ball with his friends. I guess he got to the base and wasn't feeling all that great, so he had his friend stop by the fire station to get checked out and next thing he knows he is in the ambulance and they are taking him to the Mayo Clinic ER. He had chest pains, tightness, and very light headed. Turns out he had a pre-exsisting heart condition that is very minor but it doesn't like stimulants. So no more meds for him, he isn't even allowed too much caffine, certain vitamins, ect. He has a pulminary loop which got over worked and then the heart rate sky rocketed and neither sides of the heart were functioning properly. He is fine, just a little weak and light headed. He is at his primary care doctor as we speak to get his SIQ chit cause he isn't allowed to get stressed out or anything for the next couple days and no vigorus exercise for a month or so. He needs to watch his heart rate for a while. He will continue dieting and excercising just with out the meds. Talked to the weight loss doctor and they said to come in and get a refund. So we are doing that later today.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

diary time lol

9:15 am: Meds
10:00 AM: slim fast 200
12:00 pm: Fiber one 150
2:30 pm: Lunch 315
4:30 pm: snack Fiber one 150
6:30 pm: dinner quesadilla 360

Water: 128 ounces
Exercise: walking 30 Min

Its been higher calorie count day but yesterday was super low in my opinion. Definitely going for the calorie confusion lol.

Officially Week 1

So it has been a full week since Mark and I started our new routine. Has it been worth it? Yup most definitely! Eating better is always "worth" it! I haven't had a soda in 3 days, didn't crave one, I have tons of them in my fridge and if I want one I can have one but I haven't wanted one since then! Drinking lots of water! Water is the key to successful weight loss, it flushes you out, keeps you hydrated, makes you feel full. With that being said I drink anywhere from 32 ounces (which is very minimal) to 164 ounces (my max), in this new week I will be trying to carry a water bottle with me where ever I go. This way I have no excuse about not drinking enough water. I am hoping this week to start incorporating more "home cooked" meals into our routine so we're not always eating lean cuisines, as a meal, frozen food can get so expensive and I don't see myself eating them for the rest of my life. So going to start cooking again soon and incorporating normal food into our every day diet. So lets get on with the stats!

Feb 26th

Waist measurements
Around naval: 44 in
Around hips: 48

Weight: 203.6
Height: 5 5.5"
Exercise: very minimal

March 6th
Waist measurements
Around naval: 41 inches
Around hips: 46 inches

Weight: 194.4

Total lost
Around naval: 3 inches
Around hips: 2 inches

Weight: 9.2 pounds
Exercise: 4 days a week this week ranging from 20 min to 45 min

Goal for week 2
to loose 3 pounds
1 inch around the naval section
Exercise: 4 days a week 45 min each day

Friday, March 5, 2010

it's Friday it's Friday!

Oh thank goodness for Friday!
It's been a busy day already here, but the house isn't done and that is what will drive me the most nutty! So we get up, kids dressed, Mark had to go into work for a little bit, took the kids to school, talked to Andrew's teacher, found out Caleb had a sub, and talked to Elora's teacher and gave her our doctors note. Then came home, looked up a few things online and got the text to come get Mark since everyone else is OFF today (insert eye roll), so he stayed home. I need to go rip some hair from my eye brows LOL. So I got that taken care of (the things we go through to look pretty), got my Strawberry Beach smoothie with Splenda, which is alright, so far out of the three I've tried the Hawaiian breeze is my most favorite. Came home and my ebay purchases were here (BIG YaY).

Tomorrow is the big 1 week weigh in day. I don't know what the hell is up with my damn scale. ::shrugs:: So obviously I will go by the new one but who the hell knows until I go back to the doctor on the 26th. On the 26th will be my 4 week check up and of course I will write about the progress =)

Okay I will update this blog again tonight (If I remember) but here are todays stats

New scale says I am: 194.8

7:50 am: meds
9:30 am: slim fast 200
12:45 pm: tropical smoothie 129
4:00 pm: Fiber one bar 150
6:00 pm: chicken/rice/broccoli 220

8 ounces of water so far.
Water total: 56 ounces of water
Calories: 699
Excercise: 20 min of med speed walking burning I guess about 66 calories or so.
total calorie count: 633

For dinner we are having grilled thin chicken breasts marinaded in mojo and orange stuff that my friend Illiana showed us! The chicken breast cooked is 80 calories and the marinade is less than 20 since it will be cooked off. We are having Broccoli with it and 1/2 cup rice. It should be yummy!!! I can't wait. Kids will be home soon and I guess I will clean a little bit *sigh* It never ends!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

today's food

I almost forgot to log this today!

6:50 AM: meds
10:30 am: tropical smoothie (it wasnt that great) 210
12:30 pm: 6 chicken nuggets and small fries 510
5:30 pm: slim fast chocolate milk shake 200

16 ounces of water
calories: 920

It was a bad day but I was on the go go go. So tomorrow will start fresh and go from there, isn't that a weight watchers modo? Anyhow, the calorie in take wasn't bad but it was off my schedule and the 510 was a snack/lunch rolled all into one. Ugh I am 40% in water and I am supposed to be 50% or more.
So here's to a better tomorrow!


Oh holy cow is all I have to say.
So I had to put make up sponges to make our weight watchers scale I started to think maybe the scale is off. So I go buy another scale at the exchange and it is the Health o Meter Professional Body Fat Monitoring scale. Yeah all fancy schmancy and everything. You put your age, height, gender, then you step on the scale and it not only measures your weight, it tells you if your dehydrated and by how much precent. So I step on the bitch (yes I am upset) and it tells me I am 196, well the other scale is apparently 2 pounds off hahaha. Oh well. I knew it wasn't going to all come off over night, my goodness I gained so much in the course of 7 yrs. So 7 pounds in 5 days is awesome and I have nothing to complain about I know but man that did suck. SO yeah keep on jugging. Final weight will be on Saturday still.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Is the day over yet?

Man today I just feel bogged down and sleepy. Although I did go through a "rush" this morning looking for Elora's Girl Scout activity journal. What a nightmare that was. I tore through her already disastrous room, threw out 8 medium sized bags of trash, swept it and cleaned it up. She is messy that one.

Okay so here are my stats for the day

6:30 AM: Meds
10:00 AM: slimfast (I know I know its late) 200
12:15 pm: fiber one bar 140
2:15 pm: Lean Cuisine broccoli and cheddar with potatoes 210
3:30 pm: carrots and ranch dressing 140
5:30 pm: Dinner to be determined


Not 100% sure I will be able to make it to the gym tonight since we have cub scouts and I agreed to take the boys while Mark watches Elora. I am thinking I will go for a walk though maybe even with Ellie when I get back home while Mark lets the kids eat & gives them a bath before bed (see how I snuck that in there he has NO idea yet hahahha).

I did weigh myself this morning cause yes that is my addiction when I am trying to loose weight. I was the same as I was yesterday which was fine. I knew the first initial big weight loss would be water weight and now we are getting down to the nitty gritty. Just for shits and giggles I weighed myself this after noon and was pleasantly surprised. So here is a little hump day preview of my weight loss I am down 11.6 pounds and started off at 44" waist and now 40"! Can't wait until Saturday for an official weigh in!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Food journaling

So I decided to start logging all the food, water, drinks, that go into my mouth. I should be held accountable for everything and it should help me keep on the positive path I am on. It's time to take care of ME.

So I do have them hand written so I don't forget as the day goes on but I will start with today's date to start my food journal.

6:30 am: medication
7:30 am: Slim fast milk chocolate shake 200
9:30 am: Fiber One Bar Strawberry almond 140
12:30 pm: Michilina's buffalo chicken pockets 190
1:45 pm: Weight Watchers String cheese 50
2:30 pm: Weight Watchers string cheese & a nectarine 117
5:00 pm: 45 min work out burning 245 calories
6:00 pm: Smart One pasta 320 & pear 97

Total Calories:819

Total Water Consumption:as of 6:49 pm 128 ounces

Exercise: 2 miles 245 calories @ 3.6 mph

So far today I feel great. Yesterday I went walking and actual ran a good part of it, came home sweaty, flushed, and parched, drank tons of cold water and felt all those lovely great happy endorphins from working out. Got up this morning and wanted to do it again!!! I'm soooo stoked to be wanting to exercise again. Along with my healthier diet, some help from my meds, and re-starting an exercise routine I feel completely confident come time to get off my meds I will be able to maintain my new weight and hoping to reach my goal quickly in a safe manner. Saturday couldn't come quick enough for me I am so excited to see how this first week on a new routine has improved my life. I am already satisified about the weight loss I've already and seen and it can only get better from here on out.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tiny Update

My ticker updates when ever I update it so it isn't correct according to my previous post so I will do a little update. Of course I went to bed around normal time which it was a miracle that I didn't get restlessness from my meds. Woke up and was just curious to see if the results were the same as last night and sure enough they were even better. The scale last night showed 196.6 got on the scale this morning after testing and walking away and getting on a couple more times after that it was 194.4 making it an 8.6 weight loss. Now that is motivation. Now I dont want to hear its unhealthy, I know all that info. I can't help that, that is what my scale is showing. I'm sure most of it is water weight but just to assure you I'm not the only one who lost so much I will post Mark's stats too LoL.
Mark as sexy as he is he is 6 foot and he weighed in at 219 on Friday, last night with jeans and three layers of tops he weighed 214 and this morning he weighed 209 so that is a 10 pound loss. He is on the same plan, same meds, and he has completely stopped drinking soda as of yesterday. He would like to be 190 so he is well on his way!!!

Yay completely motivated and looking forward to working out as well!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Journey Begins...

Friday was the big day. I called and set up an appointment last week for Friday February 26th. Mark and I took the kids to school and then headed to our appointment. The people at First Coast M.D. we're very nice. Got set in, weighed in at a whopping (can't believe I'm doing this) 203 lbs. That isn't the biggest I've ever been but it is certainly big "enough" that is for sure. After having three kids which none of it is their fault, my body isn't what it is supposed to be. I am turning (again it is insane I am publicly blogging about this LOL) 31 in March and my body is just tired and feeling warn out. It's time to take care of myself for myself and for my family. Got weighed, measured, and got a B-12 shot. Which by the way didn't hurt at all. I was surprised to say the least that a big needle like that didn't hurt she did warn me that it would bruise and it did instantly. Talked to the physician and got our diet plan, excercise plan, and our prescriptions. I am so excited to be taking this journey and getting my body back and in control. Plus my hubby is taking this journey with me. I am re motivated again and excited.
My plan consists of having a meal plan that sticks to 1000-1200 calories. Exercise at least 4 times a week 30 min and then each week increase my time by 5 min. Upping my water consumption. They recommended Optifast and I've found them comparable to Slimfast, just a fancier name. Supposed to eat every 2 hours. That will be challenging for me.

So this is our plan:
Medication then wait 30 min
Breakfast: slimfast
Snack: slimfast bar
Lunch:lean cuisine
Snack: fruit/salad
Dinner: low carb or lean cuisine

Lots and lots of water which will also be another challenge for me.

So here are my stats:

Start date: 2-27-10
Start weight Date: 2-26-10
Start Weight: 203 LBS
Height: 5 feet 5.5 inches
Mini goal: March 26th 183
Total goal: 145-155

We got new batteries for our digital scale and I wanted to try it out, never expected in a million years that it would show anything different than yesterday plus the fact that mother nature is in full force which makes me even heavier with water weight. So here it is:
2-27-10: 196.6
Insane right!
Well I plan on updating my progress once a week. I even made a little ticker =)

Looking forward to a better me in the future!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bad, Bad, Mom

Well what can I say, I've been busy and it just makes for more interesting posts and longer to say the least. Where to start?

Andrew completed his TOVA testing and come to find out he doesn't have ADD but he does have severe anxiety. He will continue with the therapist once a week for a month with 75 minuet sessions. These seem to be helping him and he is learning to organize and be more self confident through play therapy with Dr. D'Arienzo. Andrew brought home his report card and we were so proud of him. He pulled his D- up to a B! He is improving and with constant reminders and taking breaks during long periods of testing he will do well. He is bringing home test scores with 100% on them and we are amazed and so happy for him. He is taking pride in doing good in school and we are making sure he knows we are proud as can be.

Caleb is doing alright in school, he can do better and we expect better. He is a very bright young man but seems to be getting bored in class which is never a good thing. Elora of course likes to be the super star. She is now on the honor roll, for having her straight A's two semesters in a row. She is VERY proud of that fact and likes to pipe up every chance she gets. Lets just hope it continues through out her school years. She is very out going and it keeps her motivated and out there all the time. She is wanting to do soccer this year so we shall see.

Besides all the school activities we are just hanging out at home and enjoying our new sofa set we purchased lol. Man I love this couch. I could sit in it all day it things allowed lol. A girl has every she needs, caffine, new sofa that reclines with cup holders, big screen tv, endless rerunds of Criminal minds, and kids to snuggle with lol. What a life.

This weekend is one of our last weekends we can use our Busch Garden passes, hopefully Mark can get Monday off and we will go on Valentines day and I believe it is presidents day? I can't remember, forgive my forgetfullness. So we will be hitting up BG first and then spending the night and going to Sea World the next day. Then that will be it for passes for a while. We might get Universal studio passes but not 100% sure yet. Still waiting for Harry Potter to open up and then we shall see.

We have started saving up our money for our trip to go home. I have most of our "dates" planned out, where we are spending our time, and most of our expense planned out too. Just need to look at the route we are going and see what fun things there are to do along with way...

Miss thang aka Elora got a hair cut yesterday...I wasn't going to do it but my impulses got the best of me yesterday. I let her cut is short again. She is extremely thrilled and can't wait to show everyone at school. I just kept thinking, my Mom never let me cut my hair short and hell I am not my Mom so why the hell not, it's just hair, it grows back quickly. She looks so grown it's not even funny. Pictures should be posted later...

Well off to wake them up for school, wish me luck lol.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Beginnings in 2010

It is truely amazing how things change in the blink of an eye, how fast time goes, how unexpected things can be.

2010 will be a year of change for us, to grow, learn, and build. I've come to realize being with good friends makes a world of difference when you are in a place with no family near by. Thanksgiving and Christmas were great in 2009. We spent both holidays with great friends, eating fantastically yummy food, laughing, building memories and just enjoying each others company.

Mark and I are doing great. We are taking care of the kids, loving them, loving each other, and striving to be the best parents that we know they deserve. Mark was successful in making first class in the Navy and now not having to worry about his ability to retire at 20 yrs in the Navy. Which was a big stress for us. We are finally moving past some issues and working more on us.

Andrew is struggling a little more each day. He has his good days and his bad. We finally got him into see a Psychologist to determine if he has ADD or not. We do realize there are some other issues there as well and will get them under control through his new doctor which I think will suit us perfectly. We are starting to see SOME light at the end of our tunnel and feeling a little more relieved that he is going to get the help we know he needs. Things are looking up for our concerns for him. He is happy and adjusted and doing a little more on his own at home. We are just so proud of him, he is trying to give it his all even though some times we know he just doesn't want to.

Caleb is doing great in school. He is an honor student, bright, charming, sensitive, and loving. He shares everything with those in need and just wants to help with everything. Besides him being in Cub Scouts he is looking forward to baseball season to start and hopefully will actually get to play this spring. Last fall they didn't have enough boys to participate and he couldn't play. He is looking forward to warmer days and of course his Birthday in the spring. Things are going very well for him!

Elora is a bright shinning star that will never fade out. She is smart, sassy, silly, generous, bossy (lol), and most of all loving. We get phone calls from her kindergarten teacher telling us how helpful and bright she is and how much she enjoys having Elora in her class. Elora is excelling in Girl Scouts and loves being a Daisy! She enjoys that she gets to do something for her just like the boys get to do something for them. She loves dancing and singing and just being the center of attention. She like Caleb excells at school and was also an honor student!

Many things will be going on for us in this new year.
We are looking forward to all our scouting activities like camp outs, ceremonies, ect.

Our Birthday season will be in swing soon too. Starting off with my birthday March 22nd, then heading over to Mark's Birthday which happens to be on Easter this year lol. Then of course Elora's on the 9th and then Caleb and Andrew's! Yes I am one of those crazy Mom's that is already starting to think so far ahead about birthday's it's not even funny.

We plan on taking a road trip back to Cali for a few weeks during the summer time! I can't wait either. To get my hands on one of those In and Out burgers, or some REAL mexican food, not none of this hamburger meat bull shit. I'm sorry people but real mexican food from mexico doesn't have HAMBURGER meat lmfao. Our plan is to spend some time with our good friend Dawn, then head over to Mark's best friend Kevin's, then head to diego for a week and spend some time with my Mom, Lana banana, and some other "peeps", not to mention all the places we plan on hitting up like Disneyland, California Adventure, Legoland, and raging waters!! It will be a GREAT vacation and all through the view finder of my new Digital SLR too! What is a vacation with out pictures right!!! Well that is just some of the updates on us with of course more to come as the days, weeks, and months go by!

Happy 2010 people!