Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween is upon us!

Yup Halloween is coming up quick. It is my favorite time of year and Holiday but this year just feels off for some reason. I think this year feels "rushed" not sure why but it just does. On base they moved our trick or treating day to Saturday October 30th which might be why I feel rushed partially. So since on base we are trick or treating on Saturday we are going out into town for a little bit on Sunday and trick or treat for a little bit =) Lucky kids this year (have to look at it positive right?). I feel like a donkey today. Didn't realize the character parade was starting right at the beginning of school so completely forgot my camera and my phone so no pictures of the kids at the parade...It just isn't like me I know but what can you do. I wasn't feeling well last night and trying to recover from it today. But I do have a pic of the treat bags I did (well one of them)! The kids looked super cute today in their costumes and I will get pictures when they go out tomorrow!

Until next time, be safe & many loves and hugs!

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