Sunday, October 24, 2010


I do realize I might just be talking to myself out here in this blogger world. I don't mind obviously since I do keep posting and updating, but whatever.
Coupon-ing has become my new addiction. It's always thrilling to see that you can save a mere .55 cents on some deli meat, $1.00 on tortilla's or toilet paper. I have notice though if I really go through the coupons and go through our local grocery stores and take the time I do save up quite a bit of money. Paying full price is a thing of the past these days. My last grocery shopping trip alone I saved almost $20. I got everything I needed for 12 meals, breakfast, snacks, & dessert included for less than $100. It was GREAT. Nothing like seeing your grand total keep shrinking and shrinking down.

In today's paper there are a couple good coupons. I was mostly looking for deals on point and shoot cameras now that mine is DEAD (read previous posts for that rant). There was a $25 off coupon for a sonicare toothbrush which I am thinking might go lower in price for black Friday this year. This coupon is good until January of 2011 so I'm pretty sure I can find a good deal by then. If not then some lucky person will find my coupon on the shelf at a random store. There was a free KFC sandwich if you buy a 30 oz drink from them. Will be lunch some time this week, love getting free food lol.

Have recently discovered that the commissary does indeed change their prices almost daily and its much more beneficiary to shop on the OFF weeks of payday cause most of their items are significantly cheaper!! For instance I bought a couple boxes of cinnamon toast crunch, it has become a staple in our house the last month or so since I keep getting this great coupons on them and then combine it with the military store coupon and get a box for less than .75 cents a box sometimes even cheaper. Well I shopped the "off" week which is about 5 days after pay day. I got the boxes for $ 1.69 a box. I then went back 2 days after pay day and they wanted $3.00 for that SAME box, I wasn't paying that price not when I paid $1.69 before the coupons. So again I waited and sure enough on day 6 at the commissary they were once again $1.69 on the shelves. I have been paying a little more attention and this goes for quite a few of their items if not all. Now that they have switched to electronic its hard to keep up with all their price changes but I think its bogus that they do that to our service members and their families. But like many others I will continue to shop there to get the most out of my money simply cause I can get it cheaper than anywhere else. Okay that is it for now. Much Love, laughter, & snuggles.

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