Friday, June 4, 2010

It's been a Long time

It has been quite a while I have realized since last posting on this blog. I know I was supposed to keep up daily and weekly updates but what can I say, first and foremost I am a mother to 3 active children and a military wife to boot. SO things have suffered due to the course of which my life had taken me. But I am here for the time being and hopefully can keep up with the blog and updating even if sometimes it seems like no one really gives a crap.

Enough with the self wallowing lol

Just to put it out there in the world wide web, I know that once I send and post to the internet it is out there for ever. Thank you for reminding me "the Young and the restless" lol.
Yes I am full of humor this evening.

I went for my 14 week check up with the nutritionist. I am happy to report that my current weight is 169.6 I am down 34 pounds and dropping. I had lost 2 inches more off my hips than the last time I went which was about a month ago and that I am in a size 12 pant with plenty of wiggling room to drop, and excited to buy new clothes and definitely a new bathing suit this summer!!

Our plans for our california vacation ended up falling through for a number of reasons. 1) we have other expenses that need our attention now 2) Our oldest son was diagnosed with ADD which needs medical attention in the new up coming months and need to be close to GA to attend those.
3) we transfer next Sept and may end up at the west coast and will let the navy pay for our "vacation".
4) we are still going to AR and possibly to Atlanta to see the worlds largest Aquarium, which I bet is a sight to see!

My personal goal this summer is to
1) buy a new DSLR and start dabbling with photography more
2) teach all three kids how to swim since I am buying pool passes. Elora and Caleb are already getting the basics down and can swim a short distance of course with constant adult supervision.
3) Get Caleb and Andrew FCAT practice books to study over the summer
4) enjoy my family as much as possible.
5) buy plane ticket for my Mom to come visit during Christmas vacation
6) look into cruise prices from the ITT office
7) re-decorate both bathrooms lol
8) tone up my belly, arms, and thighs
9) Get to know my new friends better
10)to be happy and not regret anything as each day passes by.

Now note not all in that order lol

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