Monday, March 8, 2010

Sunday entry a day late LOL

Sorry sorry Sunday's entry was detoured by my house needing desperate care and then my husband ending up in the ER. More on that later. So I started off like any other day and new it was going to be a "treat" day. Mark wasn't going to be home and it was just the kids and I and so I treated them to sonic after I went to the store.

9:00 AM: meds
12:00 pm: Sonic BLT 500 & med sized diet cherry limeaid 15
2:00 PM: 1.5 slices of beer bread 210 & 1/2 tsp garlic garlic 40
48 ounces of water
7:00 pm: Applebee's south west burger (I cut it in half and didn't even finish a full 1/2 piece before I was full) and 1/2 fries totaling out to 617 calories since the entire meal is 1234.

Total calories: 1387
water: 48 ounces
Exercise: 1.5 hours of vigorus cleaning 307 calories burned

total calorie count: 1087

I guess after getting it all typed out and looking at all the official numbers I didn't do toooooooo bad not like I was expecting. The scale this morning had a + .6 gain which isn't much so I was glad. Guess good thing I did all that cleaning huh!

Okay so yeah,Mark and the ER. He went to go play paint ball with his friends. I guess he got to the base and wasn't feeling all that great, so he had his friend stop by the fire station to get checked out and next thing he knows he is in the ambulance and they are taking him to the Mayo Clinic ER. He had chest pains, tightness, and very light headed. Turns out he had a pre-exsisting heart condition that is very minor but it doesn't like stimulants. So no more meds for him, he isn't even allowed too much caffine, certain vitamins, ect. He has a pulminary loop which got over worked and then the heart rate sky rocketed and neither sides of the heart were functioning properly. He is fine, just a little weak and light headed. He is at his primary care doctor as we speak to get his SIQ chit cause he isn't allowed to get stressed out or anything for the next couple days and no vigorus exercise for a month or so. He needs to watch his heart rate for a while. He will continue dieting and excercising just with out the meds. Talked to the weight loss doctor and they said to come in and get a refund. So we are doing that later today.

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