Sunday, March 14, 2010

A new week begins!

Since the last couple days haven't been "great" eating days but still ending in loss I will get back on to my schedule. I just woke up not too long ago so need to take my meds, and get this show on the road LOL. Although the scale was very promising this morning. I did excercise quite a bit yesterday which my hips are regretting but I can see a decrease in dimpling in my legs which is GREAT!!!!
Woke up later than normal well not really but being the time sprung forward I felt like the day got away from me!

So 12 pm meds
1:00 pm Naked smoothie 300
3:00 pm: a nice piece of almond pound cake 140
5:00 pm: popeyes chicken nuggets, biscuit and rice 675
calorie count: 1115

Water: 32 ounces (it was a bad water day)
I wasn't planning on exercising though but I did plus I did some gardening work too
calories burnt in Exercise: 550+

So it was a good day even though I ate not so good. I was definitely more active. Gym is closed on Sunday's so figured walking was better than nothing and I walked with a friend for about an hour or so.

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