Friday, March 5, 2010

it's Friday it's Friday!

Oh thank goodness for Friday!
It's been a busy day already here, but the house isn't done and that is what will drive me the most nutty! So we get up, kids dressed, Mark had to go into work for a little bit, took the kids to school, talked to Andrew's teacher, found out Caleb had a sub, and talked to Elora's teacher and gave her our doctors note. Then came home, looked up a few things online and got the text to come get Mark since everyone else is OFF today (insert eye roll), so he stayed home. I need to go rip some hair from my eye brows LOL. So I got that taken care of (the things we go through to look pretty), got my Strawberry Beach smoothie with Splenda, which is alright, so far out of the three I've tried the Hawaiian breeze is my most favorite. Came home and my ebay purchases were here (BIG YaY).

Tomorrow is the big 1 week weigh in day. I don't know what the hell is up with my damn scale. ::shrugs:: So obviously I will go by the new one but who the hell knows until I go back to the doctor on the 26th. On the 26th will be my 4 week check up and of course I will write about the progress =)

Okay I will update this blog again tonight (If I remember) but here are todays stats

New scale says I am: 194.8

7:50 am: meds
9:30 am: slim fast 200
12:45 pm: tropical smoothie 129
4:00 pm: Fiber one bar 150
6:00 pm: chicken/rice/broccoli 220

8 ounces of water so far.
Water total: 56 ounces of water
Calories: 699
Excercise: 20 min of med speed walking burning I guess about 66 calories or so.
total calorie count: 633

For dinner we are having grilled thin chicken breasts marinaded in mojo and orange stuff that my friend Illiana showed us! The chicken breast cooked is 80 calories and the marinade is less than 20 since it will be cooked off. We are having Broccoli with it and 1/2 cup rice. It should be yummy!!! I can't wait. Kids will be home soon and I guess I will clean a little bit *sigh* It never ends!


Maeve said...

Sounds like a yummy dinner! Hope your doctor visit goes alright. Don't feel too bad about the actual weight. Remember that muscle weighs more than fat :) It's the actual inches and the percentage of body fat that is the important part.

Those smoothies you mentioned, are they a specific recipe like from Weight Watchers or something?

Mom of three Little Monkeys said...

They are made by Tropical Smoothie and like yesterday's was strawberries, low fat yogurt, and splenda as the sweetner. That was 129 calories. My favorite one is called the Hawaiian Breeze (I believe that is it) and its 179 calories (perfect as a snack) and is pinapples, oranges, low fat yogurt, and splenda.