Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Oh my Aching...

So it's Tuesday. It's been a long day but a decent one. Got the kids up and running. Our McD's was serving the kids free breakfast since today was the first day of FCAT testing. Got the kids fed and off to school. Farted around online and then convinced Mark to go to the doctor since his eye was looking nasty. The poor Man got pink eye in BOTH eyes. EWWWWW. So as he went to the doctor I hit the gym. I did 20 min on the bike and 25 min on the tred mill. Since Mark wasn't done with his appt I walked the length of the beach here and then waited for him as a cool down period at the other end of the beach. Lets just say that I am hurting NOW. Okay so here are my stats for today:
7:30 AM: meds
8:30 am: Orange juice from Mc D's 180
10:00 am: fiber one bar 150
2:30 pm: michelinas 210
4:30 pm 1 cup movie theater pop corn 150
6:40 pm: smart one dinner 210

total calories: 900
Exercise: about 466
total calories after: 434
Water: 80 ounces of water

Hopefully I can get past this plateau I've encountered already and just keep moving forward. Mark says he can see a small difference and is such an encouragement to keep on moving and eating right. In the words of Ghost Hunters On to the next one!


Maeve said...

Plateau??? Sounds like you are doing great. Keep eating for fuel, working out, and it will work :)

Good luck, and hope Mark feels better.

Michelle said...

Thanks. Yeah I knew after the water weight was gone it would be harder to keep going down plus my body is comfortable in the weight it was, it had been there for over two years LOL. But finally I've gotten past the 194.4 today!!! It was there for a good 5 days before budging! Mark is home again today cause no one at works wants pink eye lol.