Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Food journaling

So I decided to start logging all the food, water, drinks, that go into my mouth. I should be held accountable for everything and it should help me keep on the positive path I am on. It's time to take care of ME.

So I do have them hand written so I don't forget as the day goes on but I will start with today's date to start my food journal.

6:30 am: medication
7:30 am: Slim fast milk chocolate shake 200
9:30 am: Fiber One Bar Strawberry almond 140
12:30 pm: Michilina's buffalo chicken pockets 190
1:45 pm: Weight Watchers String cheese 50
2:30 pm: Weight Watchers string cheese & a nectarine 117
5:00 pm: 45 min work out burning 245 calories
6:00 pm: Smart One pasta 320 & pear 97

Total Calories:819

Total Water Consumption:as of 6:49 pm 128 ounces

Exercise: 2 miles 245 calories @ 3.6 mph

So far today I feel great. Yesterday I went walking and actual ran a good part of it, came home sweaty, flushed, and parched, drank tons of cold water and felt all those lovely great happy endorphins from working out. Got up this morning and wanted to do it again!!! I'm soooo stoked to be wanting to exercise again. Along with my healthier diet, some help from my meds, and re-starting an exercise routine I feel completely confident come time to get off my meds I will be able to maintain my new weight and hoping to reach my goal quickly in a safe manner. Saturday couldn't come quick enough for me I am so excited to see how this first week on a new routine has improved my life. I am already satisified about the weight loss I've already and seen and it can only get better from here on out.

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