Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tiny Update

My ticker updates when ever I update it so it isn't correct according to my previous post so I will do a little update. Of course I went to bed around normal time which it was a miracle that I didn't get restlessness from my meds. Woke up and was just curious to see if the results were the same as last night and sure enough they were even better. The scale last night showed 196.6 got on the scale this morning after testing and walking away and getting on a couple more times after that it was 194.4 making it an 8.6 weight loss. Now that is motivation. Now I dont want to hear its unhealthy, I know all that info. I can't help that, that is what my scale is showing. I'm sure most of it is water weight but just to assure you I'm not the only one who lost so much I will post Mark's stats too LoL.
Mark as sexy as he is he is 6 foot and he weighed in at 219 on Friday, last night with jeans and three layers of tops he weighed 214 and this morning he weighed 209 so that is a 10 pound loss. He is on the same plan, same meds, and he has completely stopped drinking soda as of yesterday. He would like to be 190 so he is well on his way!!!

Yay completely motivated and looking forward to working out as well!

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