Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Journey Begins...

Friday was the big day. I called and set up an appointment last week for Friday February 26th. Mark and I took the kids to school and then headed to our appointment. The people at First Coast M.D. we're very nice. Got set in, weighed in at a whopping (can't believe I'm doing this) 203 lbs. That isn't the biggest I've ever been but it is certainly big "enough" that is for sure. After having three kids which none of it is their fault, my body isn't what it is supposed to be. I am turning (again it is insane I am publicly blogging about this LOL) 31 in March and my body is just tired and feeling warn out. It's time to take care of myself for myself and for my family. Got weighed, measured, and got a B-12 shot. Which by the way didn't hurt at all. I was surprised to say the least that a big needle like that didn't hurt she did warn me that it would bruise and it did instantly. Talked to the physician and got our diet plan, excercise plan, and our prescriptions. I am so excited to be taking this journey and getting my body back and in control. Plus my hubby is taking this journey with me. I am re motivated again and excited.
My plan consists of having a meal plan that sticks to 1000-1200 calories. Exercise at least 4 times a week 30 min and then each week increase my time by 5 min. Upping my water consumption. They recommended Optifast and I've found them comparable to Slimfast, just a fancier name. Supposed to eat every 2 hours. That will be challenging for me.

So this is our plan:
Medication then wait 30 min
Breakfast: slimfast
Snack: slimfast bar
Lunch:lean cuisine
Snack: fruit/salad
Dinner: low carb or lean cuisine

Lots and lots of water which will also be another challenge for me.

So here are my stats:

Start date: 2-27-10
Start weight Date: 2-26-10
Start Weight: 203 LBS
Height: 5 feet 5.5 inches
Mini goal: March 26th 183
Total goal: 145-155

We got new batteries for our digital scale and I wanted to try it out, never expected in a million years that it would show anything different than yesterday plus the fact that mother nature is in full force which makes me even heavier with water weight. So here it is:
2-27-10: 196.6
Insane right!
Well I plan on updating my progress once a week. I even made a little ticker =)

Looking forward to a better me in the future!

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