Monday, March 8, 2010

Keep moving forward

So it's Monday morning!
Birds are singing, its 60 outside, and beautiful. I took my meds and need to make "breakfast".

7:40 am: meds
10:30: Pineapple smoothie-210
12:00 pm: Fiber one strawberry bar 140
2:30 pm: 1/2 applebee's burger and 5 fries 427
6:00 pm: Smart one Pasta 320
1 girl scout thin mint 40

Water: 80 ounces of water as of 7:19 pm
No soda
Exercise the usual cleaning-85 calories for 15 min of laundry and sweeping LOL

Total calories: 1137
Calories with house cleaning: 1052

Today was an okay day. It could of been a little healthier but needed to get that burger out of the house *wink wink*
Tomorrow I am striving for a lower calorie count more around 900's. Plan and buying more splenda and having my slim fasts tomorrow too. I didn't have one at all today. It's been a busy day. First going to take the kids to school, going to first coast for refund, then advance auto for wiper blades, then home, and taking Andrew to his appt and coming home and making them and myself dinner. No exercise today, I just don't feel like it lol. Peace out!

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