Wednesday, March 10, 2010


You just don't know HOW excited I am right now! Ever since buying that damn new scale it has said 194.0-194.8. Finally Finally and yes FINALLY it said 193.3 and has stayed there!! Gesh 5 days of 194.4 being the average was starting to worry me and tick me off all at the same time. So with all my excitement this morning I am planning on alternating going to the gym and running around the neighborhood. I just can't bring myself to run on the tread mill. I don't know why but I can't do it. I can run around the neighborhood. I guess it is cause the gym is usually packed and I already feel self conscious as it is while there. So in a little bit I plan on suiting up and maybe even taking Ellie on a walk this morning and then another one tonight but shorter.

6:37 AM: meds
9:00 AM: slim fast 200
12:00 PM: yogurt pretzels 100
2:00 pm: pizza rolls 326
4:00 PM: snacks 200
6:30 PM: smoothie 180
Calories: 1006
80 ounces of water
Exercise: walking 25 min 170
shopping/walking/ect 177
total calorie: 659

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