Thursday, March 11, 2010

What a good day!

Got up and got the kids going, cleaned up the house, put away all the clean dishes, Mark came home early and we goofed around, then I went to the gym, and he picked up the kiddos since its a rainy day! It's been great calorie wise and great excercise wise!!
6:30: Meds
9:00 AM: strawberry smoothie 140
12:00 PM: lean cuisine 160
2:15 PM:snack 90
1 cookie: 32
4:00 PM: snack 100
6:oo pm: dinner- to be determined
calories so far: 422
Exercise + Misc: 529.76+
water: 48 ounces so far

As you can see I've definitely burned more than I consumed and I am not even hungry. A little tired but not hungry, pure awesomeness!

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