Friday, March 12, 2010

Almost two weeks!

Yup it's almost been two weeks since starting my new routine. I have to find my measuring tape, and I did weigh myself this morning and thinking of doing it again to be sure in a few min since my appointment is on a Friday this month and it's at 9:30 AM I try and weigh myself bout that time. I was stoked when I got on the scale this morning and yesterday was a fabulous calorie consuming and burning day. Today Mark and I are going to lunch at going to have Korean food. Generally it's not unhealthy cuisine and I looked up the calories and I think it will be just fine especially if I can squeeze a work out in today, so that is part of my plan! The great thing about a Korean lunch box special is it is all in smaller portions seperated out for you on a tray.

7:10 am: meds
8:30 am: strawberry smoothie 130
11:30 AM: korean lunch box 800 to be on the safe side
7:30: sandwhich and a couple fries- 600

120 ounces of water
CALORIE total: 1530

Tomorrow will be stats for week total in loss, total loss, and inches too!

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