Thursday, March 4, 2010


Oh holy cow is all I have to say.
So I had to put make up sponges to make our weight watchers scale I started to think maybe the scale is off. So I go buy another scale at the exchange and it is the Health o Meter Professional Body Fat Monitoring scale. Yeah all fancy schmancy and everything. You put your age, height, gender, then you step on the scale and it not only measures your weight, it tells you if your dehydrated and by how much precent. So I step on the bitch (yes I am upset) and it tells me I am 196, well the other scale is apparently 2 pounds off hahaha. Oh well. I knew it wasn't going to all come off over night, my goodness I gained so much in the course of 7 yrs. So 7 pounds in 5 days is awesome and I have nothing to complain about I know but man that did suck. SO yeah keep on jugging. Final weight will be on Saturday still.

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