Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Beginnings in 2010

It is truely amazing how things change in the blink of an eye, how fast time goes, how unexpected things can be.

2010 will be a year of change for us, to grow, learn, and build. I've come to realize being with good friends makes a world of difference when you are in a place with no family near by. Thanksgiving and Christmas were great in 2009. We spent both holidays with great friends, eating fantastically yummy food, laughing, building memories and just enjoying each others company.

Mark and I are doing great. We are taking care of the kids, loving them, loving each other, and striving to be the best parents that we know they deserve. Mark was successful in making first class in the Navy and now not having to worry about his ability to retire at 20 yrs in the Navy. Which was a big stress for us. We are finally moving past some issues and working more on us.

Andrew is struggling a little more each day. He has his good days and his bad. We finally got him into see a Psychologist to determine if he has ADD or not. We do realize there are some other issues there as well and will get them under control through his new doctor which I think will suit us perfectly. We are starting to see SOME light at the end of our tunnel and feeling a little more relieved that he is going to get the help we know he needs. Things are looking up for our concerns for him. He is happy and adjusted and doing a little more on his own at home. We are just so proud of him, he is trying to give it his all even though some times we know he just doesn't want to.

Caleb is doing great in school. He is an honor student, bright, charming, sensitive, and loving. He shares everything with those in need and just wants to help with everything. Besides him being in Cub Scouts he is looking forward to baseball season to start and hopefully will actually get to play this spring. Last fall they didn't have enough boys to participate and he couldn't play. He is looking forward to warmer days and of course his Birthday in the spring. Things are going very well for him!

Elora is a bright shinning star that will never fade out. She is smart, sassy, silly, generous, bossy (lol), and most of all loving. We get phone calls from her kindergarten teacher telling us how helpful and bright she is and how much she enjoys having Elora in her class. Elora is excelling in Girl Scouts and loves being a Daisy! She enjoys that she gets to do something for her just like the boys get to do something for them. She loves dancing and singing and just being the center of attention. She like Caleb excells at school and was also an honor student!

Many things will be going on for us in this new year.
We are looking forward to all our scouting activities like camp outs, ceremonies, ect.

Our Birthday season will be in swing soon too. Starting off with my birthday March 22nd, then heading over to Mark's Birthday which happens to be on Easter this year lol. Then of course Elora's on the 9th and then Caleb and Andrew's! Yes I am one of those crazy Mom's that is already starting to think so far ahead about birthday's it's not even funny.

We plan on taking a road trip back to Cali for a few weeks during the summer time! I can't wait either. To get my hands on one of those In and Out burgers, or some REAL mexican food, not none of this hamburger meat bull shit. I'm sorry people but real mexican food from mexico doesn't have HAMBURGER meat lmfao. Our plan is to spend some time with our good friend Dawn, then head over to Mark's best friend Kevin's, then head to diego for a week and spend some time with my Mom, Lana banana, and some other "peeps", not to mention all the places we plan on hitting up like Disneyland, California Adventure, Legoland, and raging waters!! It will be a GREAT vacation and all through the view finder of my new Digital SLR too! What is a vacation with out pictures right!!! Well that is just some of the updates on us with of course more to come as the days, weeks, and months go by!

Happy 2010 people!

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