Sunday, August 29, 2010

First school week down...many more to go

Well what can I say. School has already blasted off full speed. Andrew so far is doing fantastic. He is currently on ADD meds, the lowest dosage possible of 5 mg. He has been so proud of himself telling us he has been writting, and doing quite a bit of it. He has been raising his hands to ask questions about math problems and does his homework with out issue so far. We are very proud of the way he has carried himself and made himself want to be responsible. Elora is proud of herself as are we for being in the first grade and not wanting to stay home like so many of her classmates complain about in her class. Caleb was nervous at first, but who isn't on the first day of school? He is a bit better and even has a new friend who comes over just about every day to see if Caleb can play outside lol. Its been an interesting first week of school. Wish I could say I enjoyed it but I didn't not with consignment going on. I am sure once consignment is over I can get things back into a routine and done with. I am just so glad our first week of school went well for the kids and they are enjoying being back!

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