Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

For those who know me very well all know I'm not a religious person and we'll just leave it at that. We do celebrate Easter though with the kids and explain it's origin, ect. We had a pretty relaxing weekend. Mark had Friday off, the boys went to the youth center from 1-7 pm and we gave them some money for snacks and drinks ect. Since the boys got to do something "fun" we decided to take Miss Elora to the zoo and see the new Japanese Garden with the Kamodo dragon. We walked around some, fed the birds in the aviary, but it was a humid day so we didn't spend too long there. We went and had pho noodles for dinner, came home picked up the boys and spent the evening playing games. Saturday the boys cleaned up their rooms, went to the youth center again, while Elora played outside with her friends. Elora did get a nice surprise from her Uncle Kevin and Aunt Nicold! They sent Elora & Caleb Birthday presents and All three got Easter toys and candy. It was a pleasent surprise and we are very greatful for such friends. Sunday the kids got their baskets, went egg hunting, played outside and in (since it was 85 outside), and had a relaxing weekend. Mark and I did some cleaning, and went to bed. Over all it was a lovely weekend and looking forward to many more.

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