Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring Cleaning is on a roll

So we're finally on a roll in our spring cleaning, it all started with the spring consignment back in March. Got rid of all the kids spring clothes, toys, ect and made a nice chunk of profit off of it. This past weekend Mark was a doll and did the boys closet by himself (it was a miracle lol), we did the linen closet last night after the kids went to bed, and today were doing the master bedroom closet and we will be done with all the closets (woohoo).

Our linen closet looks a little naked since I got rid of some stuff but I have an idea for it (Mark said "oh no" when I mentioned my idea LoL). I want to get some linen lined baskets and clean out from under the bathroom sinks in both the kids room and our bathroom and put stuff in the linen basket and put it in a shelf in the linen closet. This way when we have guests anything extra we have will be in a nice location. That is the plan for that space.

This coming weekend I would like us to work on the kitchen cabinets and re-organize them as well. I want to take everything out of the bar area and trash all the junk, put the appliances we dont use ever in the yard sale. I'd also like to go through our dishes and get rid of mismatched sets as well.

The goals I have are to sell most of it at a yard sale the housing is having and get new matching dishes, some new bath towels, and just a few house hold decorative items.
I would also like to be better organized before my Mom gets here too :) Until next time!

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