Friday, July 31, 2009

A late Friday night

So it is late on Friday night well to be technical it's bright and early on Saturday morning. Friday was a decent day even though poor Mark had to work even though it was supposed to be his day off. Thanks to a POS Master Chief that works in the building who is way off his rocker. So unfortunately my oil didn't get changed, and I do need a tire patch and we are going to attempt to have the hobby lobby do it on base even though the auto port is there it is expensive and slower than molases on a hot summer day lol.

Mark got home and I took the boys to the youth center which they have lunch, Elora stayed home with daddy and had a nice 2 hour nap. I went out to target to get a few things and catch up with a good friend. We went to a couple different targets, then to a couple craft stores, suprisingly and most amazingly I didn't want to buy any crafts, pens, copics, nothing! I was not only shocked at myself and super surprised hehee.

Got home and got ready and the kids got to pick where they wanted to go to eat. They picked Chili's which we haven't eaten in a long while. They had a great 3 course meal for $20 going on so our meal wasn't super expensive. Then Mark surprised the boys (and myself) and we went and got a new router to hook up so that the boys can shop the wii channel with their wii points card Mark picked up but I can connect my netbook with out having to have an extra provider to pay. So here I am blogging away at almost 2 am enjoying the high speed my little netbook is providing. Mark fell asleep playing with the wii channel and wii mii's which were totally cracking me up. Can you imagine? There were characters like billy mase, edward cullen, spider man, snoopy, and many many many more. I am now listening to today's "Young and the restless" while I type away to my hearts content! Gotta love todays technology and the spoils it gives us!

We were supposed to go to Savannah this weekend but being we didn't get a chance to do a couple things like get the tire patched up and the van is in desperate need of an oil change I didn't want to chance a 2+ hour drive with the kids and us being stranded somewhere. Plus it has been nasty thunderstorming and we'bve heard that due to the "ghosts" of Savannah that lots of the merchants close super early nightly. Mostly by 6 pm and well what a waste that would be huh! So we will make it down there sometime in September and hopefully the weather will be cooler and maybe even the leaves changing?? That would be a dream picture senario! But we will make it down there some time soon.

I can't believe it's already August. We've been here exactly one year here in Mayport Florida. It's been a tough year with many ups and downs but we are so much better here than we were in Virginia! In about 3 weeks school is about to begin and our baby girl is going off to Kindergarten! Wow what an amazing time she will have. Andrew will be surrounded with familiarness, and Caleb will be charming his way through 2nd grade. I can't believe they will all be in school together! Amazing. Well let me ramble on another night. Blessed be everyone!

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