Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sickies go AWAY!

Our Poor house was plagued with the sickies. You all will not believe how glad I am to have a healthy happy family again! I really was disappointed in our friend who didn't tell us until we were leaving her house that her kids had this nasty stomach virus. Low and behold two days later I got it. It was one nasty hot mess. Thankfully it was the weekend so Mark could take care of the kids and try and keep them away from me as much as possible. Three out of the Five of us got it which sucked. Poor Caleb got it first out of the kids and he was the mildest case only throwing up 3 times before feeling completely better. Elora got it too and threw up for 48 hrs which was just awful for her but today she and I are back to our normal selves and feeling better than we have been in the last 4 days! Hopefully the sickies stay FAR,FAR, AWAY!!!!

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