Sunday, January 18, 2009

what's your excuse?

Yeah okay so sometime I'm moody, who isn't? This week has had it's up's and down's what else is new. So Caleb and Elora have these friends who are also sibblings and the boy is in Caleb's class and the girl is in Elora's Pre-k class...they used to live near us and now they don't but they visit the annoying neighbors across the street. No biggy right? Well W-R-O-N-G!!! I don't mind she comes by once maybe even twice during the week and asks if her kids can play with mine. No big deal. This past week I bit my tongue and I don't think that will EVER happen again. She asked once this week, the 2nd time she just knocked on my door and left the kids standing there, the 3rd time she didn't even come over with them and the kids just WALKED right into my house with out knocking (my door was unlocked cause my kids were playing out back), the 4th time yes I just wrote the 4th time did the same thing and then complained they were hungry and thirsty and tried to eat everything in site, then the 5th time oh yes it gets better this time (add the sarcastic tone) not only did their Mom not ask, they walked in and when I said they were OUTSIDE they still tried to come in and take toys OUT...then when I said NO they went outside, they were at my house for 5 hours count them 1-2-3-4-5 HOURS, then she picks them up takes them to a birthday party and then after the party is done SHE BRINGS THEM BACK TO MY HOUSE!!!! What do I look like a free babysitter to you? HELLO, not only do these children do not have manners, she sends them to my house hungry and often dirty, and she gets to be kid free for hours at a time shooting the shit with her friends smoking while PREGNANT!!!!! Can you tell Im soooooooooooooooooooo not happy bout this. Now thank goodness she didn't come over today or I was going to EXPLODE. If she was a friend I wouldn't mind so much but I am NOT her friend, I don't really even like her, and I feel very abused by her taking advantage of me. Well no more. I can gaurentee you tomorrow she will try and drop her kids off at my house and I am going to put my foot down so hard she will probably cry....

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