Monday, January 26, 2009

Lazy days wanted

Today started off like any other day, got the kids up, ready for school, dropped off, did some things around the house, picked up the Princess from school, waited to see if Daddy would come home for lunch. He didn't so we decided to go to the beach and have a snack and just hang out. The day was beautiful. A nice and warm 66 degrees. It felt more like 70 and with a breeze. Elora and I walked the entire length of the beach, tide was out and the sand was smooth and the shells were beautiful. We even found a whole silver dollar in the sand which I was very excited about. It made me long for summer and the lazy days ahead. I'm so excited we are somewhere close to the beach, and I can be that Mom who took their kids to the beach daily, prop up a chair and read while the kids played in the sand and water. I remember I think it was either my freshman or sophmore year my Mom was obessed with going to the beach, we were there EVERYDAY from sunrise to sun down, We would look for shells, surf, boogie board, dig for clams, and just lay around. Those are the types of memories I want to recreate with my children. Not to mention make new ones of our own.

I do long for those Summer Days!

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