Saturday, January 10, 2009

What no cookies?

Not even sure where to start...I got on the scale one morning and went oh "HELL NO". So, I got off my fanny and started walking around the housing and base. I take Ellie with me and she is tired and doesn't want to get up after were done lol. I started walking a week and a half before going on Christmas break. I walked a total of two weeks and got off track with the walking but will start back up tonight. I've been off for a week now. But I have managed to loose 13 pounds from watching what I ate, no sweets, and walking so it is working for me. I am so excited bout dropping this weight.

This is the year for me damn it!

No more excuses, no more putting it off, no more fat hanging out of my jeans (ewww I know). It is coming off and staying off. No it isn't a New Year resolution it is just a fact of life now. I've been this weight for too long and I'm not happy bout it. Now to post my weight on here is a BIG deal for me, no woman wants to own up to her weight, so this will hold me accountable. December I weighed my heaviest at 206.9 pounds yes the .9 drive me insane as well. I weighed in January 8th @ 193.0 I am going to try not to weigh in for 2 weeks at a time. Hoping to loose any where from 1-2 pounds a week so my next goal is for January 22nd to be 191-189...I haven't been in the 80's in a few years *yikes* I'm looking forward to loosing this weight, shopping for some new clothes and just being a healthier me, not only for myself but for my kids too.
My goal is to be in the 170's for my birthday. By the end of the summer I am looking forward to being close to my goal weight. My first goal is to get to 150 and to go from there.
So here is a picture of me at 193.0
Front view lol

Side view

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