Friday, January 2, 2009

It's Now 2009

Well it's a new year and hopefully a new start.
The time to reflect had come and gone right before the clock struck midnight and thrusting us freshly into a new year with new hopes, aspirations and dreams of things to come.
For the new year I wish all my friends and family the best of luck in whatever life brings them.
I have many things I hope for of course like everyone else but the things I wish to do most in 2009 is to see my Mom and visit friends in San Diego this summer, take my kids to Lego Land and see the expression on their faces when faced with something new and exciting, be more patient as a Mother and Wife, be a better friend, write more hand written letter's, remember every one's birthday to send a card to, let go of anger or resentment and move forward, take constructive criticism as just that and not a put down, be more open about myself and try to let people in. I'm sure there is more but those are just something of the things I hope to strive for in 2009.
Who know's what the year will bring for us. Hoping nothing but wonderful things for everyone.

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