Sunday, September 28, 2008

So it begins

So I was cleaning up the fridge cause the children stick all their art work on there and it was getting out of control and a pink post it note falls to the ground. So naturally I pick it up and it was a phone number? I was thinking I don't remember requesting a phone number and I look at it more closely and it is a GIRLS phone number written to CALEB!!! It is this little girl named Destiny lol. So I asked Caleb about it when he got home and he was like "UGH MOM!! She keeps following me around, she always sits next to me and stares at me with a smile, and she keeps slipping notes into my back pack", of course he says it with distain lol. I was slightly amuzed, Mark of course said " and this is only the beginning". I was a bit in shock too being Caleb is ONLY in the 1st grade. Man Im not ready for girls to be slipping their phone number to my babies!!! I'm going to have to check her out LMFAO.

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