Sunday, September 28, 2008

My first Blog

It's already the 28th of September! Where are the leaves changing? The cool crisp air? Oh that is right we're now in Florida!! Although I do miss the smells, colors, and feel of Fall I am looking forward to not feeling the cold chill of a VA winter, that wet cold that gets into your bones but has no snow to show for it. Yup many of you know the kind of winter I am talking about. I am looking forward to camping in November with out freezing my butt off all day long, wearing shorts and short sleeve for Halloween, and just a hoodie for Thanksgiving and Christmas! We moved here in July and made this our home until the Navy tells us otherwise. Things are going well. Kids are doing good in school, all three have activities all week long, and we feel more relaxed being here and exploring a bit. We've already done our first monthly trip to Orlando and visited Sea World and Aquatica. October is our month to visit Busch Gardens Africa and Adventure Island water park! We've been to St. Augustine and the beautiful light house and plan to go back to look around some more. Here are some pics from those recent trips!

The children at Sea World Orlando

St. Augustine Light house

Castillo De San Marcos

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