Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It's that time of year again...

Of course its my FAVORITE time of year.


Fall has always been my favorite time of year, no matter where we lived. In California the leaves would change the pumpkin patches would be full of children learning, laughing, and exploring. In Virginia the leaves were beautiful, the pumpkin patches were amazing, and the air was crisp and cool. Here in Florida it is a different kind of Fall. There is no certainty of cool weather, no changing of leaves, and unfortunately no pumpkin patches, but you know what it is still my favorite time of year.

School has started back up and the kids are back into the swing of things. Activities are going on, and lots of things to keep us nice and busy.
Elora is loving kindergarten. She is bright, happy and smart. Her teacher compliments her every single day, and is even kind enough to leave voice mails on our phones letting us know how much she enjoys Elora being in her class. It's very reassuring that Elora is on a good path at school.

Caleb is doing well also. He is learning to rotate his classes like Andrew does, his teacher is great. She takes tons of photo's and emails them to the class, she also emails the parents her agenda for the week and they even have class pets names "munch & nibbles" that Caleb got to bring home this past weekend. They really enjoyed that. He is smart and sometimes gets bored which leads to talking which we are working on lol.

Andrew is doing okay. He isn't trying to hard which is what our "problem" has been in these past few weeks. So we keep on him about that. We'll know more in the up coming weeks when he makes his doc appointment to get tested for a few things. The OT came to school and worked with him on Monday so we should be getting an updated IEP addendum soon.

It's amazing how fast the time has been going here in Mayport. We are almost done with October. I have been so bad about posting on the blog site. I need to be in the mood and unfortunately just haven't been. Not to mention just being plain busy. I had a surprise birthday party for one of my best friends. I enlisted her husband it to helping me and she was definitely surprised so I was glad. We've been hanging out with our families together quite a bit which is fun. Kids have been going to Freedom Friday's and we have been hanging out, going to dinner, and just relaxing while the kids have some fun.

This Halloween's I have been more relaxed about things. Andrew is going to be a classic vampire with a great cape, white face and fangs. Caleb is going to be Venom from spider man, and Miss Elora is going to be a witch! I even made her tutu this year! I will spray paint her hair pink and load her up with glitter like she wants lol. She is completely excited. I will have pics of them up soon.

I am waiting for the weather to get a little cooler so I can get the fall picture taken. I can't wait. Hoping this weekend might be the weekend.

Everyone keep safe and stay away from the sickies!

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